door rubber seal

door rubber seal

PVC door seals protect against wind and cold

door rubber seal

PVC door seals

Power Rubber has been performing professional rubber products at the highest world level for many years. In this category we present you universal seals for PVC doors. The products prepared by us are ideal for sealing doors made of plastic – both external and balcony doors.

PVC door seals A
high degree of daily operation of external and balcony doors requires the best protection against weather ingress. One of the basic elements for long-term protection, and thus greater durability against wind and rain, is the right seal, which guarantees perfectly prepared rubber seals from Power Rubber.

Top quality PVC door seals Thanks to the highest quality plastics made of our seals, they not only accurately protect the gap created when closing, but also perfectly hold in place for many years, so they stand out for their durability and reliability even in the harshest weather conditions and are a firm must havem for all who care about products
tailored to the needs of even the most demanding customers.

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