door and window seal

Rubber sealing gaskets for doors and windows

door and window seal

Seals for windows and doors

Rubber sealing seals for doors and windows

At Power Rubber  we offer products that have been prepared with the highest precision to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Therefore, the seals produced by us for windows and doors will protect the interiors of your homes and apartments even from the most extreme weather conditions.

Seals for windows and doors The basis for efficient heating of utility rooms is
not only the supply of heat to their interior, but also the maintenance of it for as long as possible, which can be achieved only with the use of seals for windows and doors of the highest quality, just such accessories are offered by Power  Rubber. Our seals also fulfil the second most important task – they protect the rooms from external noise and keep the sound inside the premises.

Window and door seals – keep
warm for longer Power Rubber window and door seals are made of high quality material, so they are resistant to all kinds of mechanical damage that can occur with increased operation and do not change shape even after many years of use. Thanks to their flexibility, they adapt to any surface and ensure the perfect adhesion necessary to protect our windows and doors from external influences. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer of rubber seals for windows and doors.

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