Gym Rubber Matting Flooring

Rubber mats for gyms, we offer Protective surfaces for Fitness facilities

Gym Mats from Manufacturer
The best Mats for Gyms are Rubber Mats. Mats whose main purpose is to reduce noise, that is, mute. Check out the offer for manufactured flooring for gyms and sports facilities.

Rodzaje Mat na Siłownie
Our rubber products in the gym mat category are:
Puzzle Mats – Mats recommended for small rooms. The connection system gives character. Simple solution at an attractive price.

Rubber mats in rolls – Mats are easy to mount on large surfaces. By far the best solution for fairs or events. In a few hours you can secure a floor of more than 500m2.
Dead String Mats – Installation longer than with a roll, but similar to Puzzles. By far the Fattest Mats! Each floor element will be secured.

Available Mat Thicknesses for Gym
In our offer we have mats in rolls from 6mm, through 8mm to 10mm. Mats in a lower-height roll are ideal for securing the floor under fitness machines such as treadmills or bicycles.
Puzzle mats are mats from 10mm thick, by 15mm and 20mm, 25mm and even 30mm.
Dead-string mats are the thickest mats. Mats can be up to 80mm high, which is why they are designed for the biggest weights.

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Rubber flooring for gym and fitness equipment protect & secure the ground

Rubber flooring for sports facilities

Rubber flooring for sports facilities

Rubber flooring are widely used in many places both indoors and outdoors. Rubber flooring can be made of rubber plates, of mat, rubber cube, rubber lining, that is, rubber drop-down from the roll.Both the rubber mixture from which the product will be made and the type of surface on which the rubber floor is to be applied is of paramount importance. As a manufacturer in our store, we offer a wide range of assortments, and the material from which it is made depends on the application.  

Gym Mats Offered by POWER Rubber Manufacturer

Rubber gym mats
Gym Mats

Power Rubber manufactures rubber gym mats. Characteristic properties for this type of floor are extraordinary elasticity, resistance to deformation, dents. High abrasion strength e.g. through repetitive series of exercises or sports equipment, cushioning and noise silencing. Nevertheless, an important feature is ease in maintaining cleanliness, simple installation or attractive appearance.In our shop you can meet rubber mats in the form of puzzles, in rolls and special mats for dead string. Specify where the liner is to be located and the thickness of the safety surface accordingly. Our offer includes types of rubber from 6mm thickness to 80mm.We invite you to contact our specialists in case of any doubts. Our specialized staff will be happy to tell you what kind of pavement to choose depending on the application or surface.  

Sports flooring

Sports flooring
Podłogi sportowe

In our offer we have surfaces suitable as sports flooring: for gyms- non-slip, flexible, resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage eg. for crossfit or in a place of lifting free weights, for a swimming pool or cycling track, etc. Power Rubber also has rubber flooring on the playground, approved to make sure that children playing are safe. Our rubber products are also used in industrial halls or in the comfort of home covering the surfaces of garages, balconies or terraces.We invite you to familiarize yourself with the catalogue of our products and to contact us. Any questions and concerns will be answered by our specialized staff.

Rubber floor for gym

If you are looking for the right floor protection in the gym, it is worth choosing rubber mats. Made of solid rubber, they have a positive effect on the use and handling and protection of the floor. Choose reasonably!We invite you to submit your inquiry to large areas.In our offer we produce rubber mats of any thickness. We invite you to cooperate.Rubber mats for the gymShockabsorbing vibrations and securing the floor made of tiles, panels or marble should be made of solid rubber, not foam mats. The rubber mat for the gym allows you to keep the floor in its original state. Also, rubber surfaces eliminate noise, which increases comfort among those practicing in the fitness room, gym, other sports facility. Our rubber surfaces are also used as rubber mats for the home gym. Welcome! 

Sports mat

A sports mat is a mat that should allow you to perform sports exercises in specialized conditions. Weightlifting, including your own body, group classes such as TRX or CrossFit are exercises that require sports mats. Depending on the exercise, it is worth using the right thickness of sports mattes to take care of the floor. Also from the target use you can use mat in the disc format or in rolls.  

The mat in the gym roll

The mat in the gym roll is produced with a width of 100cm, or 1meter. The length of the roller is possible in sections:

  1. 5 meters
  2. 10 meters
  3. 15 meters
  4. 20 meters


Gym roll mat - Available Thicknesses

The thickness of the matte in the roll we offer is:

  1. 2 mm
  2. 3 mm
  3. 4 mm
  4. 5 mm
  5. 6 mm
  6. 7 mm
  7. 8 mm
  8. 9 mm
  9. 10 mm


Home gym flooring

Home gym flooring
Podłoga gumowa do siłowni

If you’re wondering what flooring to apply to your home gym, check out our wide range for rubber carpets. We offer both puzzle mats as well as roller mats and dead-string mats – thick exercise mats that reduce noise – raising concern for our neighbors. However, if your neighbor is a somsiad – the floor for the home gym should be high enough to reduce the noise and sounds that are conducive to the postponement of sports equipment. We have in our production offer the possibility of adjusting parameters such as density and compression. To do this, please inform us by e-mail in the following units: kg/m3, g/cm3.  

Weight cushioning mats

Weight cushioning mats have vibration damping properties thanks to sbr and EPDM rubber mixtures. The production of matte is at the following thickness:

  1. 10mm
  2. 15mm
  3. 20mm
  4. 25mm
  5. 30mm
  6. 35mm
  7. 40mm
  8. 50mm
  9. 60mm
  10. 80mm

Depending on the demand, we advise what thickness of the cushioning surfaces to choose. For larger weights, it is worth taking better care of the ground and suppressing and calming the impacts more with thicker solutions. Here we recommend plates with a thickness of 35mm, especially for use as a crossfit floor or as a mat under a deadlifting.  

Mats for gyms in Warszawa

If you are looking for mat for gyms in Warsaw and the surrounding area, we invite you to POWER Rubber. The ideal location at the a2 motorway exit and the S8 Warsaw ring road is an ideal transport point. The nearby production plant at a distance of 7 km from Pruszków is perfectly matched with the combination of quality and availability of gym mats.We invite you to visit sports facilities, gyms and fitness rooms equipped with our rubber floors, in the following places:

    • Warszawa
    • Pruszków
    • Piastów
    • Brwinów
    • Podkowa Leśna
    • Grodzisk Mazowiecki
    • Książenice
    • Komorów
    • Piaseczno
    • Wołomin
    • Zielonka
    • Łomianki

We invite you to convince yourself about the quality, as evidenced by the two-year warranty on our manufactured products.

Rubber mats with colored particles

The offer for rubber mats for sports facilities has a large impact on the décor. Thanks to the possibility of using colored specks from the EPDM mix, we have a positive effect on the atmosphere in the object. And so we can offer rubber puzzle mats  and rubber surfaces in a roll in black colors with specks in the following colors:

  • Yellow
  • Grey
  • Red
  • Green
  • Navy
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Blue

It is worth considering the choice of color. This has a big impact on the décor. The bright floor brightens the fitness rooms significantly. The dark floor creates a more rigorous climate. Additional insedrums on the rubber surface for the gym give character. Red dots are the most popular, followed by blue ones. It is also worth selecting mats with gray droplets. It is the most softer solution that allows you to elegantly equip your sports facility with floor-safe surfaces.

Sports surfaces for fitness and school facilities

rubber surface for the gym
rubber surface for gym black in orange dots

The development of awareness of the possibilities of personal injury results in investments in elements of sports equipment. Care for children and young people is also increasingly needed, which is why schools invest in proper, safe sports surfaces that increase safety. An example of implementation is the production of rubber pogłogi for a primary school in the capital city of Warsaw. Thanks to the educated staff, the school has more security for its pupils to use products from POWER Rubber. We are glad that we were able to help care for the little ones.

Mats for gym equipment - treadmills, bicycles and atlas

Mats for equipment for gym puzzles and in a roll are the best solution for public objects such as:

  • primary schools
  • general high schools
  • Technique
  • vocational schools
  • universities such as:

AcademyPolytechnicUniversitiesMost often, there are fitness machines in the type of objects that allow safe exercise – they reduce the possibility of injury. For this type of solution, it is worth using proven protective mats for gyms. They mute, secure, protect and character the sports facility. And as we know, professionally equipped facilities encourage engagement.

Gym mat cushioning under weights - Allegro Delivery!

Gym mat cushioning under weights – Allegro Delivery, that is, fast delivery guaranteed!Depreciation of a fall with falling loads of fitness equipment is the basis when choosing rubber surfaces for sports facilities. Simultaneous guarantee of noise reduction and protection of the floor against damage is a very important element – especially when our floor is made of:

  • Tiles for the floor
  • Expensive gres
  • Even more expensive mosaics
  • Exotic wood wooden floors
  • Flooring

The protection allows you to preserve the properties of the floor data for a much longer period, and this reduces the costs needed to manage buildings.Importantly, POWER Rubber offers allegro delivery! According to the Italian dictionary, this means: snappy. Also, our production is in snappy mode. We invite you to contact us.

Free weight floor - Select Properly

The floor under free weights should be selected properly.Consider the following:

  • who will come to practice in our gym?
  • whose gender will be more among exercisers?
  • What is the burden of our class participants?
  • Are group classes taking place or are to take place here?

As you can see, the free weight zone is the right place for both Women and Men. However, when this male species comes more often, it is worth choosing a thicker floor under free weights.

Deadlifting mats are thick and resistant mats for the biggest weights

Deadlifting mats are thick and resistant mats for the biggest weights
maty na silownie do martwego ciagu

Dead-string mats are thick and resistant mats for the biggest weights.If you do such exercises as:

  • dead string
  • ćwiczenia Crossfit

You know for sure how much noise the weights thrown during exercise. At the same time, by taking the eyes of other participants of sports facilities, we think what can be done to reduce noise. Here to the rescue come mats to the dead boar string.Due to its thickness:

  • 37 mm
  • 45 mm
  • 60 mm
  • 80 mm

They work for the greatest weights, sounding noise and vibrations.