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PVC flooring for fairs and events

Flooring for fair stands should be durable and resistant to damage. Our many years of experience and innovative technology park allow you to create such industrial floors. Power Rubber – guarding safety and reliable quality.
The flooring for the fair stands
Fair space is a specific place. Composed of a dozen or even dozens of stands, it creates a miniature trading town. It is there that we acquire fresh fruits, vegetables, as well as clothing. However, before the market is bustling with life and daily uproar, it is necessary to create the right conditions for this. The professional flooring system with Power Rubber creates a stable space that allows safe transport and exposure of the goods. Thanks to the presented floor, the exchange of services and goods will be even more convenient. The floor is resistant to changing weather conditions.
Floors for fair stands – no better!
Power Rubber is a company producing rubber products to the highest standards. The manufacturing strategies developed result in products that can be referred to as synonymous with excellence. Our qualified staff has created a floor specifically for you, thanks to which both sellers and customers will be safe and satisfied.

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