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In this category you will find specialized adhesives for orings. Thanks to them, you will be able to combine the strained structure of oring in a fast and trouble-free way or create a brand new one that meets the custom needs of our machines. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of Power Rubber adhesives, where precision of workmanship and effective action always go hand in hand.
Oringa oringi adhesive is an
invaluable sealing element, both for mobile and fixed parts of the device. Their presence allows for safe work. Therefore, in order not to expose yourself to problems related to the operation of the machine, you need to take care of every component of the system. That’s why we have prepared for you professional glue from oringów. Its operation will preserve the correct sealing.
Reliable oring adhesive Our oring adhesives are products of the
highest quality. And this is due to the impressive chemical composition, which allows for permanent gluing of rubber products. These properties have found practical confirmation, both in backyard garages and in professional companies.

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Specialized adhesives for rubber materials

Cyanoacrylic adhesive

Cyanoacrylic adhesive for gluing rubber, rubber, O-rings
Cyanoacrylic adhesives are solvent-free and do not react with the glued material. They are characterized by a short response time. The chemical reaction of cyanocrylate with moisture contained in the air is several seconds. Therefore, the popular name of this type of glue is “second glue”, “Droplet” or “Super Glue”. Due to the fast binding time, it is recommended to use cyanoacrylic adhesive on small surfaces.
Adhesives of this type are very versatile, they are used to glue rubber, rubber, O-rings elements, because they allow flexible combination of polymers, as well as glass, wood, paper, leather or plastic. They can be combined with small elements of steel or colored metals. The sweats made with this adhesive are resistant to oils and fuels, in addition, they are characterized by high strength.
Cyanoacrylic adhesive is usually transparent, which allows you to make almost invisible bonding and increase the aesthetics of the work done