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Reduce vehicle speed using the speed bumps
In this category, we present you the release thresholds of impressive quality that will bring order to traffic in an instant.

Speed ​​bumps
Installing speed bumps is one of the easiest methods of calming traffic. Thanks to them, drivers who do not comply with speed limits will be forced to look for the brake pedal. Otherwise, they will be able to face unpleasant consequences. Speed ​​bumps are widely used in places where the intensity of pedestrian traffic is very high – in the vicinity of schools, kindergartens, hospitals or internal housing estate roads. With this kind of public benefit facilities, a child, animal or a frightened passerby can run out in an instant. Therefore, to maximally ensure the safety of all road users, Power Rubber has prepared a wide range of release thresholds.

Speed ​​bumps – lower speed, maximum safety
The thorough know-how of our specialists allows us to create products that will help maintain proper movement on the road. In many cases, even a slight reduction in speed could help keep collision participants healthy. Therefore, wherever there is a need, preventive measures should be used – thresholds releasing from Power Rubber.

Release thresholds are one of the elements of cable thresholds. They work great wherever you need to secure cables, electrical wires or installations. Thanks to them, in areas with heavy traffic, there will be no destruction of the equipment or an accident involving personnel or bystanders.

Speed ​​bumps
Both in warehouses and during collective events, the use of vehicles is the standard. Thanks to our thresholds, not only the cables will be secured, but also all space users, because the thresholds oblige the driver to reduce excessive speed.

Speed ​​bumps – in the service of security
Power Rubber release bumps are made of a specialized rubber compound. Thanks to this, their flexible structure is resistant to heavy loads. In addition, the thresholds show high tolerance to harmful external factors such as rain, frost and solar radiation. Therefore, in addition to the hall or large-scale rooms, they are used during mass events in uncovered space.

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Yellow and black and black and yellow release thresholds

Speed ​​bumps

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Speed ​​bumps are one of the most effective methods of calming traffic and reducing traffic. We offer a wide range of release thresholds. Our threshold elements are equipped with reflective tape which affects their visibility and improves efficiency. Specially designed mounting elements guarantee permanent fastening of elements to the road, which allows for long-term use.

Speed bumps - Warsaw

As we know, Warsaw is one of the largest cities in Poland, and as I am providing many sources, it is also the largest. The result is increased traffic. In order to reduce the speed of moving vehicles, we use release thresholds. Available for personal pickup in Pruszków, near Warsaw.