Traffic mirrors

Industrial mirrors for roads and streets

Industrial mirrors for roads and streets

We present you a carefully profiled offer of road mirrors that will significantly improve the conditions on the road. We are a company that is at the heart of your safety, which is why everything that comes out of our production halls and warehouses meets all standards in accordance with health and safety guidelines.

Road mirrors
On roads, it is often the case that parts of the building, part of the stand, fence or other element of infrastructure limit our visibility. The driver loses a lot of time, straining his eyes to analyze his situation, but he can still be exposed to a bump. As part of preventive measures, a critical point should be provided with tools that will avoid unpleasant consequences. Of course, such products are road mirrors.

Road mirrors – a guarantee of safety
Road mirrors are a guarantee of road safety. They are an invaluable help for drivers at all kinds of intersections, exits or public transport stops set on street curves. Reaching for mirrors with Power Rubber, you can be sure that there will be an atmosphere of predictable order in traffic.


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Industrial mirrors

Industrial mirrors

Road mirror 60cm.

Increasing visibility while increasing the level of security is obtained by using industrial mirrors. Designed for both inside and outside, allowing you to see hard-to-see places, especially other traffic users. In this way, we gain our time and care – for us as drivers of vehicles and passengers and other users.

Road mirrors increase safety


Road mirrors are used to improve vehicle traffic safety in places with limited visibility. They are made of materials that are both durable and safe in the event of damage – after damage to the mirror pane, it does not break up into small pieces, so that the possibility of injury to nearby people is excluded. Taking into account the various places of use, road mirrors may have a different shape and diameter, but they are always equipped with special mounting kits, allowing their installation on poles and walls. It is also important to be able to adjust their position in the vertical and horizontal planes, thanks to which you can easily optimally adjust the setting of road mirrors to the spatial conditions prevailing in a given place.