Rubber Solid Docks Bumpers

In halls, warehouses and similar facilities, where goods are transhipped, there is a danger of violating the structure of the building. To prevent this, Power Rubber specialists have created reliable rubber fenders that, by taking all the impact force on themselves, protect walls, floors, poles, doors or other elements of the room. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full offer.

Rubber fenders
Our fenders perfectly protect the rooms from damage. Their flexible structure is resistant to all kinds of deformation, as well as to harmful weather conditions such as rains or solar radiation. Therefore, they are also suitable for outdoor installation.

Top-notch rubber fenders
Our rubber fenders have been made according to the latest production strategies. Our highly qualified staff has made sure that they are created from the best materials and with all standards and requirements. As a result, they can be intensively operated for up to a number of years without the risk of failure.

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