Sponge Silicone Cord

Power Rubber is a leader among rubber professionals. Our innovative production strategies and the impressive potential of the technology park make us offer you professional porous cords made of silicone. They will make sealing processes even more efficient and install them faster. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our assortment.

Silicone porous cords
In this category we present cords with a porous structure made of silicone. It is a highly flexible material resistant to permanent deformation and harmful effects of external factors – frost, rain or solar radiation. Its technical properties allow for good work even in spartan conditions.

Specialized silicone porous cords
Specialized silicone porous cords are ideal for a wide range of industries. They are an invaluable sealing element in the automotive, food, construction, medicine, transport and shipbuilding industries. The presented cords, like all other Power Rubber products, will serve you for a number of years of intensive use.

Sznur silikonowy spieniony

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