hot water hose

Check the high quality of our hot water hoses

hot water hose

Hot water hoses

Check the high quality of our hot water

Flexible hoses for hot water

We offer professional industrial rubber hoses designed to  work with hot water even at  5  Mpa pressure and temperature up to 125 degrees Celsius. Our experience and technology park allows us to fulfill even custom orders in case the design specification goes beyond the most popular sizes and cross-sections. The certainty of technological facilities and many years of know-how makes us stand out from other companies in the industry.

Hot water hoses

Due to the specificity of their purpose, rubber  hoses often have to cope with dynamically changing, extremely different thermal conditions. Our products are able to meet even the highest required standards in this regard, maintaining resistance to distortion or weather conditions in the absence of an external cover.

Rubber hoses for hot water

Flexible hoses are designed to work    with hot water, inter alia, through the use of textile reinforcements and the padded material EPDM  (e.g.  ethylene propylene    diene  monomer  rubber). A characteristic feature of this technology is the good property for reversible deformation under the influence of mechanical forces with the continuity of the structure, resistance to weather conditions (especially the action of ozone), temperatures both negative and positive and, most importantly, the action of water.

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Hot water rubber hoses