Lathe stands - vibro-isolators

Lathe coasters – wibroisolators

Each construction machine makes noise through the frequency of vibrations and pulses that accompany its use. Vibrations are not conducive to the construction structure and can also pose a danger to people in the workplace of the machine. The insulation pads are designed to improve quality and working conditions. They are part of the machine that allows you to use it freely and safely. They perform an insulating function of vibrations occurring during the operation of machines, which are transferred from the ground to the device, as well as reduce its noise. They also help to level the equipment accordingly.

Purpose of machine stand:

  • machine tools that are used for wood e.g. lathes, saws, air
  • machine tools that are used for metals such as lathes, grinders and
  • plastic processing machines
  • all kinds of machinery and equipment used in industry
  • equipment that is used in construction

What are the different types of ibro-insulating coasters?

Disc coasters are mainly used for the positioning of machines with a high speed range, as well as for machines with impulsive dynamic loads. We distinguish:

1. Disc wibroisolators:

  • Type TC and TCB, are made of two sizes 160 and 200, are resistant to acids, lubricants and oils. These two types differ in the way they are attached to the machine, but it is worth noting that they are movable, do not have stabilization with the ground, which is due to the fact that they allow you to adjust the level of the device.
  • Types TA, TR, TN and TB, are smaller than before because they are made of sizes 80 and 120. The sizes are developed individually, therefore each is differently attached to the device. Size 120 is mainly used where there are significant dynamic forces of periodic variable impact nature and there is no need to attach it to the ground.
  • TU type is the most versatile and are designed for small stand devices. They come in three sizes namely 50,63 and 80, and their method of attachment and leveling is determined by the current need for application.
  • Type TM and TMB another name is diaphragm plates, they are used for very large and heavy machines. They are distinguished by their resistance to oils, and on special order they can also be stainless steel.

2. Wibro-insulating coasters:

  • They are made on the basis of ibro-insulating shields. They are mainly designed for medium-sized machines. They are characterized by the absence of screws, therefore they are used wherever there are no special holes in the base.

3. Lathe leveling crayhes

  • They help you level your equipment precisely to make it easier to operate. They have quick and easy installation, without the need for anchoring in the floor. They have excellent insulation from vibrations transmitted on the floor.

4.Wedge wibroisolators

  • This type of dibroisolators is used for precise distribution of devices on uneven floors. The advantage of them is the height adjustment, while at the same time insulating the vibrations. They are designed for products with strong vertical or horizontal dynamics.

Visor insulators

Different types of ibro-insulating coasters can be found here

Rubber cushions for machines

Choosing the right pad

We offer a wide range of products and accessories used for construction and carpentry machines. An important element of the construction of all machines are wibroisolators, which need to be selected accordingly, identifying several important factors affecting its operation. When choosing a lathe stand, pay attention to features such as:

  • size and total weight of the machines
  • frequency and intensity of vibration
  • the height of the base, this allows you to determine whether the wibroisolators have a screw of sufficient length

Our company also makes wibro-insulating coasters designed for custom machines that need a double-coupled wibro insulator. Such varieties of coasters are designed for heavy-duty machines as well as acid-resistant machines.

Contact our specialists and get help choosing the right wibroisolator for your machine. You can find your phone number and email address on our website in the contact page.

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