Square cords

Square cords

High-quality rubber cords with a square cross section made of durable rubber materials such as NBR, FKM, EPDM, silicone and others are the perfect solution for sealing in all industries. They are as popular and practical as the known round rubber cords.

Characteristics of rubber materials for square ropes
Specialized design and the use of high-quality materials made of rubber compounds allow for a very wide range of applications. A square cord is a reliable and safe method of tight sealing and is suitable for every professional. Before buying a square cord, it is worth getting acquainted with the properties of each material in advance. This significantly affects its properties and resistance, which also determines the conditions in which it can be safely used.

Rubber cords

Square rubber NBR cord – nitrile cords are characterized by a wide operating temperature range from -30 to +120 degrees Celsius. degrees. It is a standard material used in the hydraulic and pneumatic industries. Customers also appreciate the relatively low cost of these seals. They also have good resistance to deformation. NBR is a durable material with low abrasion, so it can be used even with intensive use. NBR is non-reactive with oils and is also suitable for contact with lubricants, hydraulic fluids, alcohols, greases and other fats. However, the contact of this material with ozone, UV rays and extreme weather conditions should be limited.

Silicone cords – These are commonly available in hardnesses from 40 to 80 ShA. Their undoubted advantage is also the variety of colors – most often you can get a transparent, white, red and black version. Their operating temperature ranges from -60 to +200 degrees. degrees. They are also good electrical insulators. Our silicone seals have the required FDA approval, which allows them to come into contact with food. For this reason, they are often used in the food and pharmaceutical industries due to the ease of maintenance of hygiene.

EPDM rubber cords – these are very universal products that stand out from other elastomers used in the production of seals by their resistance to weather conditions, ozone and UV radiation. This means that they can also be used outdoors. Their temperature range is from -45 to +120 degrees. degrees.

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