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Waterjet cutting – Warsaw and its vicinity at POWER Rubber

Waterjet cutting is a cutting service involving the use of a high-pressure jet of water. Depending on the material to be cut and the thickness, the cutting takes place with only water or with the addition of abrasive – Garnet – garnet sand (mineral), offered as abrasive cutting

The pressure in the systems is varied. It depends mainly on:

  • The manufacturer of the cutting device
  • Age of the machine
  • Software
  • Materials used
  • Technology used
  • The use of a nozzle and other components
  • Number of hours worked

The above-mentioned elements also translate into the accuracy of the finished product obtained for this cutting service.

Standard waterjet cutting tolerance is: 0.01 mm or 0.1 mm. Comparing other processing methods, such as : laser cutting Warsaw, it allows to maintain high quality. The tolerance also translates into the completion date, which is visible for thicker materials, such as tiles, plastics.

Advantages and disadvantages of waterjet cutting

Waterjet cutting – Advantages

Thanks to the use of professional AutoCAD software, waterjet cutting allows you to obtain all kinds of shapes:

  • simple
  • turning
  • relapsing
  • semicircular
  • elliptical
  • other possible

This type of cutting also allows for safe cutting inside the given elements while maintaining high precision.

It is also worth adding that this method is one of the most ecological on the market of services. The main argument confirming the friendly attitude towards the environment is the lack of harmful fumes – which takes place with the help of CO2 laser cutting.

Additionally, the waterjet cutting service has three main advantages:

  1. Does not deform the cut material
  2. It does not cause microcracks
  3. Maintains smooth edges

Depending on the application of the cutting machine, these are the key elements in selecting this professional method. Depending on the material supplied, this method is referred to as a safe cutting method, because it reduces the possibility of ignition of the material being cut.

Waterjet cutting service – Disadvantages

Like any machine, waterjet also has disadvantages, although these disadvantages relate to the nuisance in production.

Water cutting and its most frequently mentioned disadvantages are:

  • high noise level when cutting
  • low cutting speed (it results from the possibility of cutting through thick elements)
  • high power consumption
  • high consumption of H2O
  • relatively expensive cutting material – garnet

To sum up, the possibilities of high pressure cutting outweigh the minor effects that enable obtaining such high technical cutting parameters. Our water cutting is a service that allows you to maintain high tolerances, even 0.01mm. Apart from that, we also offer other services, such as: laser cutting or production of ready-made finished products, preparation of projects and consulting in order to provide professional services.

Materials intended for waterjet cutting

Water cutting application

Water jet cutting has a wide range of applications. This is due to the minimization of tool losses and high adaptability to materials. And so, the main materials cut with a waterjet are:

  • shallow
  • tiles
  • glass (also tempered glass)
  • stainless steel
  • carbon steel
  • other types of steel
  • plastics
  • ceramics
  • aluminum
  • granite
  • stones
  • marble
  • conglomerate
  • rubber
  • seals
  • wood
  • wood-like boards
  • laminates
  • concrete
  • sheet metal
  • other non-ferrous metals and non-ferrous metal alloys, including aluminum

As it was written by specialists, the range of materials is very wide. Thus, I confirm that the technology used is widely used to process materials in various industries. Main industries using waterjet cutting:

  • Main industries using waterjet cutting:
  • building
  • advertising
  • design
  • stonework
  • glass
  • automotive – automotive
  • pharmacy
  • heavy industry
  • ceramics
  • automobile
  • production
  • restorative
  • service

Indication of industries further emphasizes the importance of individual elements of water cutting in a high pressure system. It is mainly due to the high quality and the possibility of repeatability. This highlights how difficult processes without waterjet cutting can be.

Referring to the location, the Warsaw waterjet service, thanks to our location on the borders of the capital, allows us to offer lower rates for a given processing, especially for materials such as:

  • plastics
  • shallow
  • other materials

Professional processing is a type of service available using a combination of cutting technology and water, which is why it is called: water cutting. Check out all of the cutting services at POWER Rubber.

Water cutting. Price list

Water cutting Price – cutting service depends on the following elements:

  • materials used
  • material thickness
  • material hardness
  • cutting length with a water jet
  • the need to use an abrasive
  • number of pieces (quantity)
  • repeatability of elements
  • having a technical drawing or the need to create it
  • due date
  • location, e.g. Warszawa, Nadarzyn

As can be seen, the described technology enables cutting services from various materials of various thickness while maintaining high quality. It is worth adding that the implementation time with the use of this technology, depending on the availability of the necessary materials, allows for processing even on the same day. The variety of materials available on the market makes water cutting a universal method, which is why we at POWER Rubber waterjet call water cutting the king of cutting.

Waterjet cutting near Warsaw, e.g. in Pruszków

POWER Rubber has its facility in Pruszków, at 5A Domaniewska Street in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship. Location close to the Pruszków S8 / A2 exit. Depending on the district, the access is from 5 minutes to 20 minutes without traffic jams. This location allows you to reduce costs, which translates into a cheaper offer for a waterjet service in Warsaw. Check: waterjet price at POWER Rubber!

Please contact us for a quote for the following cities: Warsaw, Pruszków, Piaseczno and the surrounding area. It is worth sending the project to illustrate the shapes to be cut for the offered waterjet service.

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