Waterjet water cutting

Waterjet cutting is a very modern method that allows you to cut even complex and irregular shapes from a variety of materials. From year to year, the demand for such services increases. When cold cutting, the edge temperature does not exceed 100 st. so that thermal deformation can be avoided. This fact is considered to be the greatest advantage of this technology and this makes it compete with other types of work, for example laser cutting. Water cutting is recommended in all cases where other methods have not produced satisfactory results. The highly compressed water jet leaves perfectly smooth edges and allows for high cutting precision. It is also worth adding that the use of such technology and process automation reduces the entire cut while reducing costs.

What are the advantages of the water jet method?

Supporters of compressed waterjet cutting are constantly arriving. Satisfied customers appreciate above all the high degree of precision. This makes costly cutting and finishing of the material superfluous. This also significantly reduces the cost of the entire process. The water jet reaches up to 4000 bar and reaches a speed of 330 m/s. Thanks to such high speed and great strength, cutting guarantees very good edge quality. They are perfectly smooth and are ideal for elegant finishing of the edges of tiles in the corners. Waterjet cutting is a cold process. This excludes the formation of thermal deformations. The temperature of the blade does not exceed 100 st. Celsius, which means that the material does not form a heated zone, and the entire treatment is trouble-free and without tensioning the plastic. The edges are trimmed without burrs, scratches and other bumps. With proper treatment, this technique also leaves no spatter in delicate materials such as glass. Many people also appreciate this water cutting as significantly greater safety for people as well as the environment. No unnecessary waste is generated during the process and does not require the use of chemicals or other harmful substances. You also don’t need expensive coolant. In addition, this technique makes optimal use of the material using advanced CAD/CAM software. Water jet is a modern and ecological method with high efficiency. The width of the cutting gap is about 0.1 mm. This is another factor that ensures accurate cutting.

Water cutting – excellent results available for everyone

Smoothly finished tile edges give a very elegant and neat effect. Today, the method of cutting materials of different origins for a highly compressed water jet is one of the most popular treatments. This is due to its effectiveness and precision. Over the last few years, cutting has been one of the most popular services not only in Poland, but also around Quickly replaces existing laser or mechanical cutting methods.

Description of the jet cutting process

Water flows through a very narrow nozzle with a diameter of about 0.1 mm. In this way, it achieves high pressure and speed exceeding the speed of sound. Such parameters make it possible to cut various materials with water. These include plastics, wood, glass, metal, ceramics, gres and many more. Our high-tech machines make machining completely trouble-free. Water jet cutting is competitive with other forms such as laser. Specialists recommend cutting with water especially for delicate, brittle and valuable materials in limited quantities. During the process, the plastic structure is not damaged, which directly translates into the durability of the product after treatment.


Water cutting – price impressive

Cutting tiles in Pruszków – summary

Entrepreneurs all over Poland are increasingly using the possibility of cutting water. Customers praise this method for its high precision, smooth edges, excellent quality in relation to price and no need for further processing. High pressure water cutting is ideal for a variety of materials – wood, steel, various types of sheets, plastics and many others. What’s more, the water jet can precisely machine metals even with a larger thickness. The effects are much better than with a traditional laser. Water cutting is also a suitable solution for materials that cannot be exposed to high temperatures. This is the case, for example, with plastics after prior heat treatment. Contact with the heated blade could cause irreversible thermal deformation. Water cutting is a cold method, so there is no such risk. Water jet is also suitable for glass cutting. With the help of this technology, you can freely broadcast various profiles and shapes also ceramics and porcelain, which would be impossible with other methods. Customers interested in cutting water from Warsaw and other places such as Pruszków are happy to use a professional waterjet treatment service to achieve the best results. Individual elements can be cut perfectly to order, which allows you to adapt to individual needs. We cordially invite you to the website in order to get acquainted with the offer. Our services include comprehensive assistance in cutting materials. We are also happy to advise you on what treatment will be best for your needs.


We invite you to use the services of cutting water under the executioner as well as normally.


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