E-PTFE seals

E-PTFE seals

Expanded PTFE gaskets meet many features that should be characterized by a good gasket. Thanks to its unique hydrophobic properties and resistance, among others, to chemicals, aging, low and high temperatures, they have a wide range of applications.


Find out what the ePTFE gaskets are, what their properties are, learn about their types and applications.

What is e-PTFE?

PTFE (polytetraflouroethylene) is a thermoplastic material characterized, among others, by high tensile strength, resistance to UV radiation, low electric permeability. This polymer with unique properties and a wide range of applications was patented by DuPont in the USA in 1938. Currently, PTFE material (known more broadly as Teflon) is used in a variety of applications ranging from seals, valves, cables, guitar strings, ski jackets, and kitchen utensils.


E-PTFE seals


Self-adhesive tapes made of expanded PTFE are efficient, easy to install and reliable sealing, which will be perfect for many industries around the world. Initially, the product undergoes a special process in which pure polytetraflouroethylene is obtained as a result of thermal expansion.


Properties of seals made of PTFE:


  • very good tightness
  • the sealing tape is chemically inert (except for molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine)
  • exceptional resistance to high temperatures
  • resistance to external factors
  • high durability
  • hydrophobic properties
  • low coefficient of friction
  • flexibility
  • aging resistance
  • non-stick backing
  • pressure resistance

E-PTFE Teflon O-ring

Types of e-PTFE seals


Sealing tapes


EPTFE tape is also called hydraulic tape. Its key feature is hydrophobic properties (it repels water molecules from each other), which makes it perfect for sealing plumbing installations. PTFE material is also characterized by a low friction coefficient, which makes it useful in a wide range of installation works. This type of seal should not be missing from any toolbox. They are available in various widths, so you can easily adjust them to the place where you want to install them.


Unidirectionally and multi-directionally expanded sealing tapes are available on the market. Unidirectionally expanded ePTFE tapes have a microporous structure. They prevent damage to the elements and maintain tightness of the connection even in extreme conditions of use. They are used, inter alia, for sealing chemical apparatuses, manholes, flange connections or ventilation ducts. Multidirectional expanded PTFE tape is creep resistant and does not show any increase in width. It is used, inter alia, for sealing large pressure vessels, heat exchangers, sealing large size flange connections. PTFE material is extremely flexible and resistant to aging. Both types of tapes are self-adhesive.

Expanded PTFE adhesive tape has one self-adhesive side for easy installation. Before installation, clean the surface of any rust, tarnish or the remains of previous sealing. The adhesive tape is stuck to the degreased surface.


E-PTFE plates


The second type of e-PTFE seals are plates (also called Teflon plates). They are characterized, among others, by very good sliding properties, low liquid absorption and non-stick surface. Multi-directionally expanded PTFE plates can be used to cut flat gaskets of various sizes, adjusted to the place where they will be installed.

Use of ePTFE seals

Due to the unique properties of expanded PTFE tapes and plates, they have a wide range of applications.


Check where expanded PTFE gaskets will be used, here are some of them:


  • heat exchangers (air conditioners, fans)
  • hatches
  • apparatus and nodes (tanks, covers, pumps, machine bodies)
  • large pressure vessels
  • ventilation drafts
  • flange gaskets intended for sealing flange connections (with a groove, smooth, with a tongue)
  • sealed materials (graphite, rubberized materials, glass, ceramics, steel, etc.)
  • flange seals (steel, ceramic, enamelled etc.)
  • plumbing installations
  • valves
  • chemical apparatus
  • maritime industry

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