Flat rubber seals

Flat rubber seals

In the construction industry, flat sealsplay a huge role. Their advantage is that they have a larger contact area than other products. Flat seals are elements most often made of rubber or rubber. Thanks to them, we will prevent leakage and mixing of various types of substances.

The most commonly used raw material from which flat seals are made are synthetic rubbers. However, let us remember that flat seals are made of different types of rubber. This directly affects the technical characteristics of the products and, consequently, their use. We offer products made with the addition of various admixtures affecting their properties, e.g. fillers, activators or vulcanization accelerators.

EPDM rubber seals

EPDM rubber – ethylene terpolymer – propylene-diene is a popular type of rubber, formed by the process of peroxide or sulfur vulcanization. The EPDM seal is very flexible compared to other gaskets. Thanks to the highest resistance to weather ingress, you can use them, e.g. to seal windows. EPDM rubber seals have excellent mechanical properties and high elasticity, which causes the seals to return quickly to their original shape. The gasket does not crack like many similar products, it has a high tensile strength. Thanks to such properties, this seal has found many supporters, but the offer is mainly aimed at industries:

  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • Food.

Epdm seals are also an investment in aesthetics, they do not cause discoloration in contact with plastics or varnishes.

epdm flat round gasket

Flat seals directly from the Manufacturer

Flat rubber seals are the most commonly used in industry and household. On our website we offer rubber seals in many sizes, tailored to the customer’s needs. Thanks to their flexibility, flat seals adapt well to the installation site. Additional advantages that have flat seals are resistance to external factors and high tightness.

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