EPDM gasket

EPDM gasket

Due to its properties, the EPDM gasket has a wide range of applications. This synthetic rubber is an extremely durable material resistant to weather conditions, direct sunlight, water and various categories of chemicals.


Check what EPDM rubber gaskets are (including self-adhesive gaskets), what properties they have and where they can be used.

What is EPDM?

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is a rubber with a wide range of applications. Products made of this material are resistant to weather conditions, sunlight and oxygen. This type of rubber is resistant to aging, many diluted acids and bases, and water. It is an odorless material, the color of which does not change and is heat resistant. EPDM rubbers differ in ethylene content and used dienes (the price of the products also differs from each other). This diversity can affect the physical properties of products made of EPDM. In addition, the material offers high tensile strength (stress cracking) and flexibility (recovery after compression or stretching). Products made of EPDM usually have a hardness of 40 to 90 ShA (Shore A).


EPDM seals


Compared to silicone rubber, EPDM gaskets are more resistant to abrasion, cutting and tearing. EPDM rubber also shows better tensile strength than silicone rubber. It is used, inter alia, in the automotive industry or as a seal for windows and doors, while silicone will be used, among others in the aerospace or food industry.


Self-adhesive EPDM gasket


There are self-adhesive EPDM gaskets on the market (with adhesive tape). The self-adhesive rubber seal is easy to install – you just need to peel off the self-adhesive bottom with one move. When using self-adhesive gaskets, make sure that the surface on which you apply them is clean, dry, and free from dust and grease. You can use a degreasing agent to wipe the surface. The self-adhesive seal for windows uses EPDM as the only material that belongs to the group of technical rubbers. The self-adhesive gasket has many uses. Perfect for sealing all kinds of spaces and gaps. Its price depends on the intended use and size. It can be freely cut to the size preferred by the customer (the price per running meter requires a minimum purchase of 1 m) and used to seal mobile elements (doors, flaps) and as pads, thanks to which the abrasions of machine and device elements will be eliminated.


Properties of seals made of EPDM rubber:


  • EPDM gaskets show excellent tolerance to low temperatures down to -45 ° C
  • they work effectively at temperatures up to + 145 ° C
  • very good insulator (electrical insulation, sound insulation, among others from the sound of devices)
  • high chemical resistance (hot water and steam, silicone greases, oils, sodium hydroxide solutions, many dilute acids and chemicals)
  • EPDM gasket is resistant to aging
  • very good sealing against water, wind, mud, dust
  • resistance to weather conditions
  • fracture toughness and flexibility
  • provide reliable, long-term sealing (even in demanding weather conditions)
  • the color of the rubber does not change (it does not stain the surface)


This synthetic elastomer is not resistant to certain categories of chemicals (gasoline, motor and diesel oil, synthetic dniester oils).

black epdm rubber cords

The use of EPDM seals

A gasket made of EPDM rubber is characterized by very good thermal and mechanical properties. Thanks to high resistance to cracking and flexibility, it is perfect for handles that isolate vibrations during machine operation. The self-adhesive gasket has the same properties as a gasket without adhesive tape. Seals made of synthetic rubber used in the production ensure high durability of the products.

epdm o-ring

Check where EPDM gaskets can be used, here are some of them:


  • door seals (including self-adhesive)
  • window seals (also as self-adhesive seals for PVC windows)
  • refrigerator and freezer seals
  • Automotive
  • construction industry (roof window collars)
  • electric seals
  • waterproofing
  • protection of sharp edges and corners

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