Adhesive rubber seals

Adhesive rubber seals

Adhesive seals are a very popular solution, gladly used both for professional use in the workshop and for work in heavy industry, but also in homes or offices. It is a very wide product category, covering a wide variety of materials and shapes. This makes each type have its own different characteristics as well as sizes, so that you can always adjust the seal accordingly to fully meet the individual requirements of the customer, his needs and capabilities.

Adhesive gasket – characteristics

Adhesive seals are a wide group of rubber products that are used for sealing and insulation not only in the form of flat seals, but also with round, square or other non-standard sections. The huge possibilities offered by modern technology make it much easier to adapt the shape and size to the needs and preferences of the customer. This individual approach allows the sale of rubber cords for running meters for use, for example, for garage doors or other steel storage doors. There are many possible divisions and categories of gaskets. They can be grouped by application, but also by use in the plastic used for the manufacture of the rubber seal. The most popular materials include porous EPDM, PE or PE foams and even felt. All this depends on the purpose and the desired properties to be used by seals. Most of the most popular and widely available materials are resistant toeven extreme weather conditions such ascold, moisture and sunlight and UV rays. Depending on the quality of workmanship and the plastic used, the adhesive seal may be more or less flexible and prone to deformation. This is also one of the important parameters that help you customize an item for your specific use. Today, virtually every online or stationary store selling and distributing materials such as adhesive seals or rubber mats also offers the possibility to consult a professional. By e-mail or phone call, the customer can better select a specific product or goods for a larger order to their needs and capabilities. In this way, the store tries to encourage you to get information that will help you make the best decision.

What is an adhesive seal made of?


Adhesive seals are available through websites in many different colors, so they can be even more imperceptible, but they usually come in neutral colors such as black, white or are made of transparent plastic. This makes them aesthetically adapt to a particular interior. Adhesive seals can be brushed, porous, and also come in the form of felt or foam tapes. The seal can be made of many types of rubber, but you can distinguish some of the most common plastics that practically every store or website has in its offer. Most often, the choice is supported by the price and versatility of the application. Adhesive seals are most often found with such materials:

  • SBR – has very good mechanical properties, and the adhesive gasket made of it also has a high resistance to deformation,
  • NBR – gaskets made of this rubber belong to products usually selected to places where there is a risk of contact with oils or lubricants, because it is a material not suitable for the action of these compounds. It is characterized by tensile strength and low abrasion,
  • EPDM – self-adhesive EPDM rubber seal is above all a very long life, slow aging. These products have a valuable property of maintaining flexibility, even at low temperatures,
  • VMQ – so-called synthetic rubber is a popular material used especially in the pharmaceutical and food industry, due to its ease of maintaining sterility of hygiene, and in addition, it does not carry odors. The VMQ adhesive seal is sufficiently flexible even at low temperatures,
  • FPM – a type of rubber with probably the best thermal resistance (up to +210 degrees Celsius) and chemical from popular plastics for gaskets. Moreover, it does not support smoking, is oil-resistant and has low abrasion.

black self-adhesive rubber gasket

Applications of sealing products

Products such as gaskets are so widely used in a wide variety of industries by making them resistant to changing weather conditions, as well as chemical agents, ozone, glycol, acetone, esters, small molecule ethers and ketones. In addition, the neoprene seal is also oil-resistant and lubrication-resistant, most often found as adhesive profiles. A standard gasket made precisely from a reputable distributor will not react, and thus destroy in contact with washing products or other soap solutions. The use of water-resistant, UV and high viscosity adhesive guarantees the longest product life, while being easily attached to a specific surface. There are many rubber mixtures available on the market, and the choice is strongly related to working conditions. The adhesive seal is used in virtually every industry. Different categories, high potential and low price make newer and newer solutions. Most often, the gasket can be found in the railway and mining industry, thanks to their resistance to oils, lubricants and the ability to work efficiently at high temperatures and with high dynamic relief and friction. There, too, seals must meet very demanding safety approvals, guaranteeing comfort of work and use. In addition, these products are used for passenger and truck doors, boats, motorboats and industrial machinery. Self-adhesiveness provides very easy and convenient installation, which can be carried out independently. These are small products that almost every store has on offer. They are ideal for sealing and insulation and extend the life of the machines or objects in question.

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