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Adhesive for Power Rubber O-rings

O-ring adhesive

O-rings are sealing elements, most often of an O-shape, that are used to prevent liquid and gases from entering between two surfaces. Due to their properties, they are the most frequently used sealing element. They are made of a wide range of materials that enable them to be used for various working conditions (static, dynamic applications). The material the o-ring is made of also determines the operating conditions for which it can be used. The use of an adhesive is a commonly used method to bond overstressed O-ring structures. The choice of a specific model of glue depends on the material from which the seal is made.

O-ring joining methods

There are two methods of joining O-rings: vulcanization and the gluing process. Repair kits are also available on the market.




In the vulcanization process, the O-ring cords are joined by attaching and hardening a material with identical properties to them. Vulcanization products are most often used for static applications as the vulcanization joint will always be the weak sealing point.


Gluing process


The glue allows you to quickly connect the two ends of the ring. The gluing process is the most common method of joining o-rings. It does not require any additional devices. The glue is properly selected for the type of material the sealing is made of (e.g. cyanoacrylate glue is used for rubber cords such as NBR or EPDM). You can make many of these types of products both in a home garage and in a professional plant without worrying about the proper sealing.


Repair Kit


It is a box with a housing made of a rigid material. The repair kit is equipped with all the elements needed to make O-rings by yourself using sealing cords that are joined together with glue. The kit for gluing gaskets also allows you to repair damaged rubber products. Finished products can be used without worrying about their mechanical strength.

adhesive for rubber O-rings

How to connect the gasket with glue?

The glue is reliable when creating gaskets of any diameter. The product can be a low viscosity liquid as well as a thick gel. In both cases, the application of the glue to the O-ring strings is identical (it should be spread over the joint surface). After the two ends of the rubber are tightly clamped, we get the finished product in the form of a gasket. O-ring glue is a product that makes the gasket strong and can be easily mounted anywhere. The Power Rubber sales offer includes adhesives that ensure durable joining of rubber elements that are resistant to moisture and exhibit high mechanical strength (e.g. tearing). Cyanoacrylate glue (rubber glue) comes in various densities, ranging from liquid, to semi-liquid, to gel. Thanks to its composition, it is perfect for bonding NBR, EPDM and neoprene cords. There are several reliable products on the market for bonding o-rings.



Can a damaged O-ring be repaired?


O-rings are seals that can be installed between two surfaces to form a seal at their contact. It happens that the o-ring may be damaged for various reasons (excessive compression, signs of degradation due to chemical incompatibility).


Advantages of using glue:


  • the possibility of making a gasket of any size by yourself
  • the possibility of reducing the size of the finished gasket by shortening its length and gluing
  • repair of a damaged O-ring

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