Professional adhesives for rubber

At Power Rubber, we have professional transparent adhesives that impress with their durability. They will effectively combine the materials of your choice. Thanks to its specifications, two ends of EPDM, NBR or neoprene cords can be permanently glued together. This will give you an oring.

Rubber adhesives
In the assortment of our store you will find a selection of cyanide-acrylic adhesives in liquid form as well as spray. We also have a wide double-sided tape. Thanks to these products, you will be able to count on a solid combination of rubber cords.
Rubber is a specific material, so its gluing should be done with the help of specially designed substances for this purpose. Otherwise, we may encounter numerous failures during work. Power Rubber is well aware of this, which is why it allows you to use products of incredible quality.

Adhesives – guarantee a stable connection
Adhesives for orings and seals are an indispensable element of the equipment of professional workshops as well as home-made ones. Their technologically advanced formula will become an unrated help during DIY.



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Adhesives for rubber and metal

Glues for combining rubber with metal

The combination of rubber and alloy metal elements requires the use of appropriate connecting substances. Professional adhesives for rubber and metal are offered. Available in both small weights of 5g, 20g, 50 or even 100ml.

Adhesives for rubber and rubber materials

Rubber materials are rubber products made of NBR, FKM, FPM, EPDM and Silicone mixtures. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer for specialized kelje for rubber materials

Glues for rubber - Warsaw

Our wide offer for adhesives has a great location – Warsaw  is 5 min. road to the POWER Rubber rubber store, which has a wide range of assortment for rubber gluing. If you are looking for professional adhesives, we invite you. We will help you make the best choice.