Specialized industrial adhesives
Our offer allows you to purchase from the stock in our Store in Pruszków near Warsaw the following adhesives:

  • Anaerobic adhesives for threads
  • Cyanoacrylic adhesives
  • Bearing adhesives
  • Rubber adhesives
  • Two-component epoxy adhesives
  • Primers and activators
  • Copper lubricants
  • Cleaners
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Adhesive Warsaw

Thread glue

Thread adhesive, otherwise known as anaerobic adhesive, was originally used only for connecting threads and screws, but today its use is increasingly

Action of thread glue

How does thread glue harden the connections between the elements?All thanks to the chemical reaction taking place between glue and metal ions. As a result, the glue loses contact with oxygen. This is the result of polymerization, which creates a strong, load-resistant connection. Importantly, such a combination is not difficult to disassemble at all, and is also resistant to the passage of time, oils, lubricants or water. Depending on your needs, you can choose an adhesive with a given bonding strength:

  • called universal, which is applicable to the screws replaced from time to time.
  • permanently connecting the screw and preventing it from unscrewing.

It is worth having it in your home must-have!