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Cable protectors

We present to you a number of professional cable protectors that will become damage-resistant protection. Our products are manual examples of durability. This is due to highly qualified staff, which works together with innovative machines. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our carefully selected offer.

Cable protectors for events and concerts
Our cable protectors are designed to protect cabling in areas at risk of damage. They are ideal for mass events, where the wires often have to be spread over considerable distances. The product is also well tested in halls and rooms, where it ensures the safety of employees who could be injured by a cable coil. The thresholds in this category also allow vehicles, both trucks and cars, to pass properly.

Excellent Power Rubber cable protector

Due to its impressive machine park, create trading thresholds from the best grade materials. Together with the connectors, they can create a system to protect the conductive cables. The combined systems are stable and withstand considerable weight.

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Cable protectors - Warsaw

Cable protectors - Warsaw

Cable protectors in Warsaw are offered by POWER Rubber.

You will find multi-channel cable thresholds:

  • 1 channel
  • 2 channel
  • 3 channel
  • 4-channel
  • 5 channel

All models equipped with black and yellow covers.

In addition, the ideal location in Pruszków, allows efficient access to the city: Warsaw..

Cable protectors increase safety by protecting cables and cables

Proper protection of cables on the floor requires the use of specialized solutions. Cable rollovers are very durable cable covers that resemble release thresholds. This ensures that the cables are properly hidden, effectively protecting them from damage. Cable rollovers from a good-class manufacturer are used in many places. Most often, cables are protected in this way during repairs, in factory halls or in warehouses. Cable raids in Krakow are also suitable for street repairs in cities. In such situations, it is necessary to properly protect the wires.

Adam Hall cable protector in PowerRubber

Cable protectors, also known colloquially as cable thresholds or cable passages, are plastic-made flat castings with an insert or with a lid where cables and wires are placed. Adam Hall cable raids are products that are characterized by excellent quality and durability. Adam Hall cable thresholds are made of premium materials to protect your cables from damage. Hall cable covers are ideal for road repairs or repairs. Thanks to the variety of cable rollovers from Adam Hall, it is also possible to use in industry and production buildings.

Rubber overrun thresholds are flexible protection

Rubber rollover thresholds will work wherever we need proper alignment and proper protection. It is often the rubber thresholds that serve as effective protection against the destruction of cables and electrical wires. They are also often protected in the event of damage due to environmental factors. Rubber thresholds for the garage will allow you to smooth and easily overcome bumps and obstacles. Similarly, for rubber door thresholds. Such solutions significantly increase comfort during daily parking or trips from the house.

Cable thresholds directly from the Manufacturer

Often, during repairs or road repairs, it is necessary to take proper care of securing the electrical infrastructure. In this case, the cable thresholds for rent will work perfectly. This allows you to rent this type of security freely for a limited period of time. Thanks to this, we do not have to worry about the purchase and price of cable thresholds. The cable thresholds available in Warsaw are an excellent opportunity to obtain effective security in case of organizing a larger event or building infrastructure for a large development

Large cable protectors for large diameters

Large cable covers are used for temporary protection of electrical cables. In the case of large diameter cables, the cable thresholds should be able to cover their size. Large cable thresholds of this type often also serve as protectors for fire hoses. They have a practical joining system that allows quick and efficient installation and dismantling of sections of various lengths. Such solutions also have a non-slip structure, which protects against accidents. Large cable thresholds will in particular be suitable for bringing cabling to transmission cars or to the stage during cultural events.

Cable covers for office and home

Adequate cable protection is also essential in residential spaces. Proper protection of cables against mechanical damage mainly affects the way the equipment is used in time and intensity. In offices, this is especially important because of the variety and multiplicity of wiring. It is the protection of cables for the office that affects not only the life span of the equipment, but also the productivity of employees. Organizers and rubber protections of this kind available in our offer have an elegant appearance, thanks to which they perfectly match the interior design.

Secured cables with rollovers in Bydgoszcz

Cable protectors in Bydgoszcz are suitable for public and utility spaces. Thanks to the use of materials of the highest quality, these types of rollovers are not only durable, but also resistant to mechanical damage. Jan Kochanowski Park in Bydgoszcz in particular requires adequate protection due to cultural and social events taking place on its territory. In this case, it is necessary to create an infrastructure that would lead the wires without damage. Manufacturer of raids of this type located at ul. Juliusz Słowacki in Bydgoszcz 85-008 effectively cares about the delivery of the highest quality products.

Secured cables in the Old Town of Wroclaw

The Old Town in Wroclaw is one of the most demanding spaces for creating infrastructure for transmission or proper sound system. It is therefore necessary to use effective raids in Wroclaw on the square, which will effectively protect the wires and cables. Due to the characteristic cobblestones, the city of the Oder should use specialized solutions. The raids used should not only be of excellent quality, but also effectively cope with protection from environmental factors.