Certified Gym Mats with Attestation

Proper mats for gyms with PZH Certificate for use inside rooms and fitness buildings

Certified Gym Mats with Approval
Certified gym mats with Attestation allow safe use in closed fintess facilities thanks to the certification. Used inside gyms, fitness rooms and other sports facilities.
Select Floors that are certified for indoors
POWER Rubber offers flooring that is approved for the interior. Full certification enables safe use inside the premises, and additionally facilitates the collection of reports.
Receive the realizations from the Inspector thanks to the Certified Fitness Mat from POWER Rubber
If you need to collect fitness mats or other gym floors, we invite you to POWER Rubber, where we offer floors, tiles and floors certified by the National Institute of Hygiene for indoor use.
We offer products that meet the hygienic requirements of the National Institute of Hygiene

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Mats with the PZH Certificate for indoor use are used in various fitness facilities