Crossfit flooring

CrossFit rubber mats

Floor for crossfit sports facilities.
Crossfit rubber flooring is essential in any sports center, such as gym, exercise rooms, to train safely and well. Stability ensures safety against slipping. Comfort and convenience is the key to a professionally made train Its durability allows for many years of use of the object

It protects against damage when throwing a barbell, thus allowing you to achieve better and better results and sporting achievements.
Break the record with our crossfit floor
Non-slip gym mats eliminating the risk of injury, which allows you to achieve your goal without having a negative oddity on our body and further increase the comfort of exercise.


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Crossfit mats

Thick Crossfit Mats

Crossfit mats are the basis for crossfit boxes as well as other sports facilities such as a gym or a fitness room. Available in a wide range of colour variations, of varying thickness but also in materials.

Rubber crossfit mats and their types

Crossfit mats are mats whose main task is to secure the floor in a sports facility.

Currently, we distinguish the following thicknesses of crossfit mats:

  • 35mm
  • 45mm
  • 60mm
  • 70mm
  • 80mm

Crossfit rubber flooring is the basis for sports facilities

The rubber floor has one main purpose: to shield the original floor.

This can only be achieved with the help of rubber mats. These mats, due to the SBR and nbr or EPDM rubber mixture, allow this task to be carried out.

We say NO with the foam mat!

Following this trail, the rubber floor must be protected. As we well know, foam mats are available on the market, commonly known as gabczaste mats. Most often they come from China in a container and also have such a smell.

Foam mats are unfortunately not durable, and unfortunately not cushioning so much momentum held by a falling barbell or other load. Here, the only right solution is rubber mats. They protect and protect and guarantee non-slip and stabilization during exercise.

The plunge is an isolating layer

It is worth adding that the plunge is an isolating layer that increases comfort during all kinds of physical activity such as:

  • Crunches
  • burpees
  • Squats
  • Pushups
  • jumps with push-ups

In addition, the rubber mat allows you to stabilize the place where our feet are placed in sports shoes. These features are helpful for performing push-ups in the support and back.