Interlocking rubber gym tiles

Puzzle training mats - Rubber floor for home and sports facilities

Power Rubber has a professional background for human physical activities – fitness puzzle mats. Thanks to them, you will be able to indulge in your passions, without having to worry about the risk of injury. Our fitness puzzle mats will become an invaluable value in your rooms, which will avoid many unpleasant consequences.

Fitness puzzle mats
Each of us dreams of a neat silhouette. Fitness classes, gym workouts or any related activities allow us to do so. However, in addition to enthusiasm, perseverance and space, one more thing is needed – a guarantee of safety. Without it, we will not be able to get involved in the exercises as much as possible, fearing for an injury with an unfortunate fall. With Power Rubber, you’ll never have to worry about it again.
Fitness puzzle mats are made of high quality materials. The process of their production was carried out on the basis of current knowledge and with the help of innovative machines. As a result, they are representatives of the highest standard.

Fitness puzzle mats – it is well composed
Due to their flexible form of puzzle, you can arrange any shapes from them so that they fit the surface of the exercise room.

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Protective Flooring - Puzzle

Segmented sports mats

Interlocking rubber gym tiles

Puzzle-shaped power mat segment

One of the many products offered by our company are rubber segmented floors for gyms, fitness rooms in the shape of puzzles. The segmented sports mat thanks to its unusual shape allows easy installation and fit to any type of surface. The “puzzle” mat will work as an excellent solution for home gyms. Its installation is simple, and if necessary, such a training mate can be disassembled and chived in a small space.

The puzzle-shaped training mats are non-slip, cushioning with very good elastic properties. By utilizing the best rubber granules, Power Rubber provides safety guarantees during exercise or other use.

Gym Puzzle Mat - Rubber Gym Floors

The gym puzzle mat is one of the best solutions for sports rooms where you can secure your floor. Rubber floors for the gym,  as the name suggests, allow you to reduce the noise created during exercise. What’s more, vibration reduction is also possible thanks to rubber compound. The reduction of sound, vibration and vibration is facilitated by the use of rubber products from POWER Rubber.