Outdoor fitness park matting

Outdoor gyms equipped with rubber surfaces are safer for exercisers

Rubber surfaces for outdoor
gyms Outdoor gyms Are facilities that allow outdoor physical activity when using mainly machines and equipment. A rubber surface that increases safety is laid around the fitness equipment.
Outdoor gyms with safe rubber mat Outdoor
gyms allow you to practice for people of different ages. Both young, older people type grandpa and grandmother and their grandchildren, that is, children. By using mats for the outdoor gym, we increase the level of safety by reducing the chances of injury.
Park gyms with hypertrophic mats
Gyms in the park provide even more clean air, thanks to the right environment. And have you noticed that despite the use of safe rubber, it is rarely seen?
This is due to the hypertrophic mats for outdoor gyms

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Showing all 2 results

Rubber mats in outdoor gyms reduce the risk of injury!

Outdoor gym substrates allow you to exercise safely

As we already know, outdoor gyms are open facilities equipped with specialized exercise machines. As we know, anyone can become their user. Both the elderly, the young and even the youngest, that is, children.

Even on these objects you can fall off the device or lose balance. And here with the help come rubber mats for outdoor and outdoor gyms. Their goal is to reduce the energy of the collapse, thereby increasing the level of safety.

Types of paving used in outdoor and outdoor gyms

Surfaces used in outdoor gyms can be made of several types. So let’s see what kind of types.

Rubber mats for outdoor gyms

The most commonly used mats in outdoor gyms are overgrown rubber mats. These types of solutions provide a natural view thanks to the hypertrophic property. They allow you to pass sown grass. This results in a natural view at the point of application.

Colored Rubber Plates

Colored rubber plates allow you to create many color variants. Easy installation, comfort in laying and HIC certification confirms the most popular model of colored mats for external sports facilities.

Concrete cube

Concrete cube is an ancient approach to the theme of the substrate in the outdoor gym. The effects of tipping are immediate and profound. It is worth considering choosing other possible variants of the surface for outdoor gyms.

Rubber cube

The rubber cube is the rubber equivalent of a concrete cube. Also called: safe cube. Made of rubber, it also eliminates the effects of falls and tipping, and additionally comes in interesting color variants.