encapsulated o ring

O-rings coated with PTFE FEP Viton® PFA

encapsulated o ring

Oringi FEP

Oringi w otulinie PTFE FEP Viton® PFA

FEP PFA orings in PTFA wrap
provide a durable and effective seal, making them ideal where they should meet the highest requirements. They are used in many industries from the oil industry, through chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, paints and dyes, printing and marking equipment to liquid liquid transfer.  FEP orings    are mainly recommended for static applications, but they also work well in slow moving applications. They find many supporters because they are a more economical alternative to ffkm or  ffpm or ffpm.
    orings Viton ®, Siliconeor EPDM (from which the core is formed) and a thin FEP or PFA coating are used in the orings.  Thanks to this,  the so-called  Teflon orings gain resistance to high and low temperatures (a range depending on the material from which the core is made) and almost universal resistance to chemical compounds. Perhaps  Teflon oring  is the answer to your needs. It can be used at elevated temperatures and high pressures, plus it is distinguished by its low gas permeability and very low coefficient of friction.

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O-rings with seamless cover made of PTFE

Orings FEP

We invite you to contact us to receive a dedicated offer for FEP orings.  Production  of orings  for your dimensions. We create large and small sizes. Welcome.

Orings PFA

We also offer dedicated production of PFA orings. Professional approach to production. Valuations take place individually. Feel free to contact us to receive a quote on  oringi  in ptfawrap.

Oringi in PTFE wrap

Orings in PTFE wrap are seals  made of the following rubber mixtures:

  • Silicone
  • VMQ
  • MVQ
  • Fkm
  • FPM
  • Viton®

teflon sheath, commonly called teflon cover®.

The main benefits of this combination are increased chemical and timelyresistance, which translates into longer service life of these technical seals.

It is worth noting that seals made of PTFE in this combination are characterized by a very low coefficient of friction,   which translates into use in dynamic combinations (both rotational and rotary-feedback).

Oringi in a no-sheathed wrap with FEP/PFA

Orings in a frameless cover have their own cover made of the following two elastomers:

  1. FEP
  2. PFA

FEP orings are resistant to +204°C and  PFA  orings are +260°C.