Kalrez® o ring

FFKM Kalrez® Isolast® Paroflour® Simriz® Chemraz® Perlast® Hifluor® Orings

They are distinguished by universal chemical resistance and high temperature resistance (periodically up to 350°C), while retaining the elasticity of the rubber. These unique features make Kalrez’s oringi® suitable in places where rubber components are exposed to difficult thermal and chemical conditions. Importantly, these oringi are not susceptible to swelling, which is the most common cause of sealing failure. Thanks to these advantages,  FFKM oringi  (trade name Kalrez®) is especially recommended for places where they are exposed to advanced chemicals, very high temperature or low. The temperature range for these orings is -46 °C 326°C. These are orings designed for the highest temperatures. Oringi FFKM are used e.g. aerospace, petrochemical and analytical and measurement equipment. Their durability and low permeability allow to extend the life of pumps, valves or mechanical seals. They are doing great in static and dynamic applications and are used especially where device reliability is a priority.

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Kalrez ® and FFKM orings

Oring FFKM

Oringi made of FFKM material are oringi designed for the greatest temperatures and challenges. They are characterized by high chemical resistance, on most of the chemicals available.

FFKM high temperatures orings

Oringi FFKM is also a type of seal designed for high temperatures. The temperature range ends at +320 degrees Celsius

FFKM seals - own names

Technical seals made of FFKM blend are found on our market under the following names:

  • FFKM
  • Kalrez®
  • Isolast®
  • Paroflour®
  • Simriz®
  • Chemraz®
  • Perlast®
  • Hifluor®

Perlast o-rings® FDA are seals for contact with top-notch foods

If you need FFKM orings, one of the strongest available on the market are Perlast orings®. High temperature seals serve as much as it belongs to the highest temperatures, i.e. up to +327°C.
The material is present in certified variants:

  • Fda
  • Usp

Such seals are dedicated to such industries as:

  • Pharmacy
  • Food production
  • Production of dairy products
  • oil and fuel industry

Perfluorinated orings are also found in low temperatures.