Oring Toolkit

For every work to be successful and its contractor is fully satisfied with it, she must dission with the right tools. At Power Rubber, we present professional tooling for rubber orings. Thanks to precisely profiled mounting kits, technical seals can be easily operated. We have sets of different number of elements. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

Tooling for orings
In the presented sets there are elements that, due to their diverse form, will support technical sealing processes. The arrowheads or hooks were made of hardened steel. Thanks to this, they gain incredible resistance to destruction. In addition to the obvious technical characteristics, they also distinguish themselves with an ergonomic handle that allows a comfortable grip.

Reliable tooling
Reliable instrumentation In Power Rubber is made of high-quality materials. A group of satisfied customers have already found out.

oprzyrzadzenie do ringów

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Showing all 5 results

Specialized toolkit

Gasket assembly and disassembly tools

The toolkit makes it easy to work with orings and other types of seals. It is extremely useful when putting on seals. However, we will appreciate the possession of specialized tooling especially when disassembling or replacing the sealing element. It can happen that oring will be worn so much that its removal without specially adapted equipment will be very time consuming. In the event that we want to install or remove a new or efficient seal, the use of tools will allow us to do so without the risk of material damage. Rubber seals are subject to a wide range of factors, so any interference with their structure can help to reduce their strength.

The oring kit in our offer is made of hardened steel. This makes it unbelievably resistant to damage and wear of the material. Heads and hooks made of this type of material are not mechanically damaged e.g. and bending. Our instrumentation is designed to improve your work and improve your working comfort. Working in hard-to-reach places, our customers will appreciate the ergonomic shape of the handle, which provides comfortable toolhold.

Seal heads

Do you want to find the right tooling for rubber products that will prove reliable? So we invite you to take advantage of the offer of our store, where we have prepared instrumentation, in which there are straight grottoes, rectangular caves, hooks or dogcaves. We offer short and long instrumentation, which is designed for proper operation of technical seals.

Instrumentation – application of:

  • for oringów
  • for simmerings
  • for rubber cords

We have made sure that our range of instrumentation kits is of the highest quality and increased resistance. Thanks to this, individual arrowheads and hooks retain resistance to breaking and cracking. They meet the expectations of our customers looking for the best rubber products and instrumentation to handle any technical seals.


In our offer we also prepared: rubber orings, cable frets, rubber plates, crossfit plates, rubber cords, vibroizolators, rubber mats or spongy rubber. This is how we serve our customers from all over the country, providing them with rubber products and accessories combining high and unique quality