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High-speed shaft seals - Simmerings

Simerings are basic technical seals on the Polish market under the name: radial seals. The main elements of the construction are the university lip and the metal insert. The elastomeric coating on the outside increases depending on the simering model, it can occur in a variant with a dusty lip and a spring inside.

Simmerings – Purpose of application
The main purpose of simering is to protect internal components from impurities (dirt, dust or mud). In addition, they increase the storage of lubricants inside the seal. Both applications translate into increased service life of the individual components in which they occur.

Simering catalogue
The place where you find the list of available technical seals is the simering catalog, that is, advanced technical seals come in many models. Today there are many markings on the market, we also invite you to contact us, and we will help in choosing the right seal.

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Simmering sealing rings

Sealing rings rotary rollers type: A AH AOH AO AD AOD AE AF AOF AN

Wide offer for rotary shaft sealing rings also available from us. We invite you to contact us to arrange the details regarding the fulfillment of orders for:
sealing rings A
AH sealing rings AOH
sealing rings AOH sealing
rings AD
sealing rings AOD sealing
AE sealing
rings AF sealing
rings AOF sealing
rings AN

Catalogue of simmerigns is available by e-mail contact.

Sealing rings for rotational movement

Our customers often ask about the use of technical seals for rotational motion. Here in most cases we suggest that it is worth choosing an offer for simerings..

Their main purpose is to supervise the tightness of high-pressure systems. These seals protect and protect against oils, greases and other lubricants.

An example of application are car boxes and drive shafts, on which the correct sealing rings dedicated to rotational motion are visible.

Two-lip simmering

One of the most common types of simmerings are two-lip simering..

Simply than not, these are standard seals with an additional lip.

Double-lip seals - Application

The use of this type of seal with an additional lip is very common. Most often this is visible, where there are large amounts of impurities.

What is the function of the extra lip?

Additional lip protects against dust, dust, sipes. At the same time, it allows use in systems with increased pressure.

Rotary motion seals

Rotary motion seals allow you to secure rotating components. There are rollers and crankshafts. We invite you to check the wide range of technical seals for this type of seal.

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