Playground rubber safety tiles

Safe Surfaces on Place-Certified Playgrounds

Mats for sbr rubber and EPDM playgrounds made of high-quality rubber mixtures, i.e. granules. Thanks to these solid surfaces, every child will be able to indulge in carefree fun without fear of unfortunate slipping. The expert group of Power Rubber, constantly expanding its knowledge as well as developing a technology park, can offer you a product that will serve you reliably for a number of long years.

Mats for playgrounds are rubber mats SBR and EPDM
Childhood map should be marked by points of joyful fun with their peers. In order for the child to have only positive associations, it is necessary to ensure that he is maximum safety, so that he can be carried away without hindrance. This can be achieved with playground mages with Power Rubber.

Playground mats – Parental friendly price for the safe fun of every child
Each of our openwork or hypertrophic mats is produced according to all health and safety standards. The SBR rubber plates offered are HIC certified. Their properties are manual examples of this type of product. Mats allow you to minimize the effects of the child’s fall. They are extremely easy to install. Mats are perfect for all places where the youngest are staying – in playgrounds, in school or kindergarten.

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Showing 1–12 of 40 results

Mats made of rubber - Colorful SBR tiles for kids for safe fun Certified HIC

Protective mats for the playground

Protective surfaces for lining the playground

Protective surfaces for the lining of the playgroundWhen choosing the ground for the playground, we follow, first of all, the safety of children. So when we wonder what to put theplayground, we should pay attention to the properties of the paving mat. The playground mat should be safe, non-slip and soft enough to protect children from injuries.

Rubber granules plates

maty na place zabaw
Płyty z granulatu gumowego sbr

Rubber mats for playgrounds located in our range are made of SBR blend covered with EPDM layer. The SBR blend is characterized by high strength of weather and elevated temperatures, it is resistant to abrasion and water. The additional EPDM layer gives rubber plates more flexibility and cushions for falls, vibrations, and provides a uniform color across its entire surface. It is worth adding that on the model made of rubber plates – the price is lower. More expensive model made of EPDM blend weather resistance rubber granules plate. The price is therefore higher – it is paid for quality.

Manufacturer of certified mattes

Manufacturer of certified mattes
Producent certyfikowanych mat - mata przerostowa

Manufacturer of certified mats – hypertrophic matIncreased safety of our youngest is possible thanks to the development of technology even during playground games. The construction of these facilities with safe surfaces – rubber mats certified for the safe fall of the youngest – allows for inner peace of mind. What’s more, hypertrophic mats allow water and other liquids to be drained to the ground!Power Rubber has only certified playground mats in its shop. HIC certificate Head Injury Criterion – Safe Fall) determines the safe height of the free fall on the mat. Our company offers mats of varying thickness up to 80mm rubber granules. According to the HIC certificate, this provides depreciation of a fall from a height of 2.5 meters.

Base for playground made of rubber plates

If you are wondering what floors for the playground to choose, it is worth starting your search starting with your budget. Hypertrophic mats – honeycomb with holes is a much cheaper option than SBR rubber plates. This, of course, is due to the increased demand for the amount of granulte and glue needed to obtain a solid surface and structure of the SBR plate – they are also thicker. The standard height affects HIC certification. And so we have the following thicknesses to choose from: 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 60mm 75mm, 80mm and even 90mm, which translates into a certified yet safe fall height for children: from 1m for 25mm, 2 meters for 75mm and up to 2.2m for sbr 90mm plate.

Our playground mats are HIC certified

The rubber mat for the playground should be in any children’s facility on the air so that they can safely use the equipment and play that are located there. The rubber substrate allows for frequent painless falls, protects against injuries associated with various accidents.

HIC Certificate - Check what the HIC shortcut for Certified Surfaces stands for

The HEAD Injury Criterion (HIC) certification is a measure of the likelihood of a head injury during a fall, mainly affecting our youngest or our children, when falling on a mate, the child should not get a concussion, or a of the skull, thus minimizing disability, and other cushioning the fall, which reduces the risk of injuries associated with accidents in the playground.

The surface of the playground

The protective surface of the playground is a great solution for the safety of children. First of all, it minimizes the effects of falls from a height and protects against injuries. It is made of SBR and EPDM rubber. These materials are characterized by high resistance to external factors and mechanical damage. What’s more, they are soft, and therefore safe in the event of a fall. The surface of the playground can form a uniform, compact structure or be composed of smaller tiles. In addition, its additional advantages include anti-slip properties, water-permeability and high flexibility.

Mats for playgrounds

Playground mats are safe for children and protect them against falls from a height. The most popular ones are those made of SBR or EPDM granules. The mentioned materials are characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage, they are durable, and due to the multitude of available colors they look aesthetically pleasing. What’s more, they are non-slip, waterproof and vibro-insulating. When choosing mats for playgrounds, it is worth paying attention to the certificates they have, they must be the PZH certificate and the HIC certificate, as well as meeting the requirements of the PN-EN 1177: 2018 standard.

The surface for playgrounds

The surface on the playground is 100% safe for children. Most often made of SBR or EPDM granules. These are materials resistant to mechanical damage and weather conditions. They have shock-absorbing properties that minimize the effects of falls from a height. You can choose a seamless surface for playgrounds, the advantage of which is a uniform, compact structure or a base consisting of smaller boards arranged in one whole. They are characterized by high quality, resistance to abrasion and water permeability. They come in a dozen or so color variants, have an aesthetic appearance and are easy to clean.

Rubber mat for playgrounds

In order to protect the surface on playgrounds, rubber mats are installed. They are made of SBR or EPDM granules. First of all, they minimize the effects of falling from a height of up to 3.1 m. They are very easy to install, and thanks to the multitude of colors, they are distinguished by unique aesthetics. After installation, the rubber mat for playgrounds protects against injuries, is non-slip, flexible, perfectly insulates from heat and cold, and ensures safety for children while playing. The mat is made of smaller boards that can be of various shapes. You can choose rectangular, triangular or puzzle-shaped.

A mat for playgrounds

The safety of children in the playground is a priority. It is a playground and should therefore be properly secured. The provisions of Polish law define strict requirements for the substrates used there. They must meet the latest EU standard PN-EN 1177: 2018, as well as have the HIC certificate and the PZH certificate. First of all, the playground mat absorbs falls, especially those from a height. What’s more, it is resistant to external factors and mechanical damage. Safe surfaces are non-slip, water-permeable and vibro-insulating. Most often made of SBR or EPDM rubber.

Rubber for the playground

Placing rubber mats in the playground has only advantages. The most important of them is the guarantee of children’s safety and the amortization of their falls. Playground rubbers are made of materials resistant to mechanical damage and the negative effects of sunlight. They are characterized by functionality, and their basic advantages are:

  • anti-slip properties – thanks to this, they prevent trips and falls,
  • absorb potential falls,
  • suppress noise,
  • easy to clean.

Moreover, they are very easy to install and aesthetic. They come in many color versions. The playground rubbers must meet the requirements of the PN-EN 1177: 2018 standard, have PZH approval and HIC certificate.

The ground for the playground is the basis for safe play

The playground substrate used must have shock-absorbing properties to effectively protect against falls. The most frequently chosen are those made of SBR or EPDM granules. They are easy to clean, flexible and soft. The substrate for the playground is easy to assemble, it consists of smaller plates, which are then joined together. You do not need to install expensive drainage systems for their installation, they can be laid on any surface. The tiles are of various sizes and their thickness varies between 40 mm and 100 mm. What’s more, they are resistant to weather conditions, non-slip, isolate from noise and, most importantly, protect against the unpleasant effects of falls.