Playground flooring rubber

SBR and EPDM playground slabs

Rubber plates for the playground

Playground plates available in wide colours. Rubber mats available in many thicknesses. Certified as a safe surface. Certification according to BS EN 1177:2008
Rubber plate price list

Rubber surfaces offered at a price adapted to the
quantity. We invite you to contact us in order to get discounts especially for the implementation of the Ministry of National Education (MEN) from the Joyful School program.
Our mats have the right certificates and approvals, including PZH (Polish Hygienic Union) approvals. They are also HIC certified.

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Showing 1–12 of 31 results

SBR and EPDM boards for playgrounds for children

SBR Plates

Playground plates are a type of rubber plates made using the SBR rubber compound. Using SBR rubber benefits in the form of a low price using high quality. In addition, playground plates are HIC certified.


Due to the full color range, the Manufacturer of SBR boards uses SBR and EPDM mixtures. As is well known, colorful elements arouse insteres among children. In addition, playground plates increase their safety, eliminating the risk of damage, injury references. Therefore, mats are called safe surfaces.

Colorful Mats on playgrounds

Colorful rubber mats available in many colors. Check the offer for green, yellow, green, blue and pink and blue mats. We invite you to contact us to fulfill your order and to obtain price discounts.