Terrace floor rubber tiles

Rubber flooring for terrace

Rubber panels for the balcony allow you to increase the comfort of moving on terraces and balconies. In addition, they increase aesthetic values by reducing the feeling of cold substrate.

Rubber mats for balcony and terrace are products made of SBR blend dedicated to use in the Sport category, thanks to its high strength. Select the correct sbr color.

SBR Disc Deals

The size of the SBR boards allows for easy installation, which can be done alone, thanks to the correct dimension of our form. Rubber mat from SBR Product Manufacturer. In our offer you will find other rubber products.

We invite you to contact us to determine the trading conditions for the terrace with SBR boards.

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Showing 1–12 of 31 results

SBR terrace mats

Terrace mats

The deck slabs are produced in the form of squares. The length of the side of one element up to 500mm. Use of such a form facilitates installation for existing terraces and balconies. Plates are ideal for reducing the feeling of coolness. Widely used in western Europe as a surface on terraces, balconies and roofs is very popular and accepted by society.

Colored Rubber mats

Terrace plates are produced in many color variants. This feature attracts the attention of both children, that is, the youngest, but also the elderly. Their use reduces the feeling of coolness for barefoot walks, i.e. without slippers or without any other footwear. It allows you to walk freely and enjoy views thanks to its insulating property. In addition, the delivery directly from the Manufacturer of rubber products allows you to choose the right color.

Solid-colour rubber mat

The rubber mat offered due to the use of colored granules made of a dedicated rubber mixture is UV-resistant.

What are the benefits of this?

This results in the durability of color preservation – available colors from the RAL palette, which can be selected on the balcony by adjusting to the color of our façade.

All-year balcony lining

Year-round balcony lining

Our rubber plates for the terrace are used as year-round equipment. Balcony lining should perform such a function. Allow gentler and more convenient movement both on hot days and in those where the temperature is negative, that is, below zero degrees on the Celsius scale. Balcony liner protects from the cold and retains color. It is worth adding that we have a wide range of ral color variants. We allow you to choose among the following colors:

  • Black
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Yellow
  • Light Grey
  • Blue
  • Yazidy
  • Pink

We also offer production on rubber mattes in a dedicated color. The production minimum must then be exceeded.

Terrace flooring

Terrace is an increasingly common element that is part of single-family houses, twins or apartments in apartment blocks. Depending on the surface, up to 2m2, up to large surfaces up to 160m2, you can easily apply a terrace floor ing room that gives character and increases the comfort of movement in all weather conditions. The rubber surface is non-slip.

Safe mats for playgrounds for the youngestRubber mats available in many color variants can also be used as a playground mat. The colorful garden allows for increased safety for the little ones. In addition, thanks to certification, rubber mats do not need service.

Rubber mats available in many color variants can also be found used as a playground mat. The colorful garden allows for increased safety for the little ones. In addition, thanks to HIC certification, rubber mats do not need service. In addition, they protect body elements, such as:

  • Head
  • Elbows
  • Knee
  • Hands
  • Hands

Easy installation of rubber mattes on the terrace

As we have already mentioned, the form used during production allows easy installation. And yes, already one person can mount our products. Here is a diagram of how to mount rubber products on terraces and balconies:

  • We begin by cleaning the surface on which the plates are to lie. We can do this with a bagless vacuum cleaner, bag or even brushes and scoops.
  • We verify that the condition of our terrace is correct. If there are numerous hollows in the floor, it is worth replenishing them with a quick drying spout. After waiting, until it disenters we return to the assembly.
  • We fold the rubber plates side by side by combining them with pins. Two pins per one, a combined edge.
  • Cut with the help of an upholstery knife protruding elements by removing them earlier. After cutting, we add the correct length of the element to the already arranged elements.
  • We clean the residues, throw sections in the trash for recycling.
  • We are pleased with the secured balcony with the help of rubber sbr plates.