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Fenders and ramp fenders made of rubber

The extensive Power Rubber offer includes high-quality rubber bullets. Their high standards are the result of cooperation between a group of professionals, using innovative production strategies. Thanks to their invaluable knowledge and modern technology park, Power Rubber brings solid and serviceable items to the rubber product market for a number of years.
Rubber bullets
Rubber bullets are the rubber element that is designed to absorb all the force of the impact – it decomposes on the fender. Thanks to this, it protects space, individual objects and often human life. Our fendies are made of specialized rubber mixtures. Thanks to this, their structure shows high strength to mechanical damage. Bumps are also resistant to harmful external factors such as UV radiation or strong winds and rains.
Professional rubber bullets
In our assortment you can find parking bumps, wheel wedges, ramp fenders or rubber fenders. Each of them will face even the most difficult challenges. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer.
Only the highest quality materials are able to ensure the effective operation of rubber fenders. Professional staff and modern production methods allow us to offer you extremely durable industrial fenders, which perfectly absorb energy, taking on each other and absorbing the force of impact. This makes it very well to protect the edges of walls, machines and vehicles. They minimize the risk of damage caused by impacts or abrasions, inevitable when working in certain industries and industries. In our offer there are parking fenders, ramps, rubber bumpers and wedges under the wheels. The flexibility and durability of the materials used make our products serve users for many years, confirming their effectiveness in a variety of industries and applications: from automotive workshops and parking lots to construction sites and water transport. Both business and private customers appreciate the robustness of our industrial fenders and the durability of the materials used.

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Showing 1–12 of 86 results

Rubber fenders protect

Rubber fenders by Manufacturer POWER Rubber

Rubber fenders by Manufacturer POWER Rubber

Rubber fenders are a rubber product, most often made of mold on the press. Having our own fleet of machines – presses and rubber rolling mills – we also offer industrial fenders,often under the name:  warehouse fenders..Rubber bullets  are used to increase the level of safety of construction works such as warehouses, temporary halls, commercial pavilions, houses and residential buildings and motor vehicles and associated unloading and loading ramps.Rubber fenders – power rubber manufacturer is aimed at the highest quality, also we invite you to test our rubber products. Our actions are aimed at reducing the number of frequent changes of fenders, i.e. extending their useful life.Industrial fenders made of rubber mixtures – commonly known as rubber – absorb the energy resulting from the resulting force and impact.What is the effect?In this easy and easy way,  we secure the buildings and elements we care about. Most often these are ramps located at halls and warehouses – then we also use storage fenders and ramp fenders- cars and in places of exposure to the contact of environmental components that can cause damage and damage.In our offer we also offer state-of-the-art solutions. Warehouse fenders are deducted from the most severe solutions – where they are damaged the fastest. These types of industrial fenders are more resistant to abrasion than models made of standard rubber mixtures.We invite you to check the offer from the Manufacturer. Industrial fenders also available in variants:Steel fendersPolyurethane fenders

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We offer a dozen designs and models of rubber fenders at very affordable prices. Rubber fenders, ramp, door, corner and many more. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer at:

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