Rubber cord adhesive

We present to you professional adhesives for rubber cords. Thanks to their properties, they will permanently combine rubber materials. At Power Rubber we have only a proven range. Thanks to this, we have a group of satisfied customers who trust us and appreciate us as professionals. Do you want to join them?

Glue for rubber cords
Cords, which are made of rubber, are a specific material for gluing. An ordinary adhesive substance will not be able to permanently combine them. Therefore, you need to choose the product that can do it. And this is undoubtedly our glue. Our adhesives allow for quick corrective intervention. Cyanoacrylic adhesive is suitable for gluing lines: EPDM, NBR, and neoprene cords.

Reliable adhesive for rubber cords
W Power Rubber we can boast highly qualified staff and a stately technology park. Thanks to this, we have developed innovative strategies for the production of rubber products. Our offer also abounds with various types of accessories. We invite you to contact us business!



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