liquid gas hose

Check the high quality of our liquid gas hoses

liquid gas hose

Check the high quality of our liquid gas

Power Rubber  is an experienced manufacturer of rubber products. Thanks to our many years of practice and impressive technology park, we offer our customers the best quality products. Liquefied petroleum gas hoses made of the best rubber that you will find with us are second to none, which has been confirmed in practice.

Liquefied petroleum gas
hoses There are many technical gases that need proper conduction. Our professional LIQUEFIED petroleum gas hoses are irreplaceable  conductors  for propane, butane and isobutane, among others. They are widely used in places where lpg gas transfer is necessary. Their purpose boils down to filling and unloading liquid gas.

Professional liquefied petroleum gas hoses Our LIQUEFIED petroleum gas hoses have been manufactured according to health and
safety guidelines and all safety standards. Thanks to them, you will transport such a specific liquid, which is liquid gas, in a trouble-free and efficient way.
Thanks to up-to-date knowledge and innovative machines and highly qualified personnel, we can offer you airtight and resistant to harmful external factors liquid gas hoses.

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Rubber hoses for liquid gases