Rubber rolls flooring

Metro mats and ricotified

In the current category you can get acquainted with the offer of rubber carpets produced to the highest standards and based on the applicable standards. Thanks to this, by installing them indoors, you can be sure that they will carry out their tasks for a number of long years.
Rubber linings
We have mattes of different colors, texture and different thickness. This allows us to provide our customers with the most personalized choice. We offer striped mats, with a corrugated surface, with coin texture. With these surfaces, every space will be a safety model.
Reliable and durable Rubber rubber linings are a brand known for keeping
you up-to-date based on the latest knowledge and support for technological innovation, even responds to the most demanding needs of its customers. This is due to active business dialogue, which helps us improve our production processes. Therefore, with us, every question gets an exhaustive answer, and every need to satisfy.

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Floor rubber linings

Rubber linings available types

Rubber linings available types
Wykładzina Gumowa w Monety Czarna OKAZJA

Rubber Carpet in Coins Black PICKThe Manufacturer of Power Rubber offers rubber carpets with a variety of textures, thicknesses, as well as in different colors. The rubber products offered by us can be purchased both in a roller (useful for surfaces of large size as halls, warehouses) and in the form of mats. Each of these types of rubber is offered in the METRO or RICOTized variant.  

Corrugated rubber linings

rubber mats in wide washing machines
rubber mats, flaxed

Corrugated rubber linings are characterized by a ribbed surface. Depending on your needs, the spacing may be smaller or larger. These specific grooves are used for water drainage, can fall into them sand, which makes this type of lining safer or prevent objects from moving, e.g. racks in the halls. The application of its found in warehouses is non-slip, as a protection of surfaces in garages, suppresses vibrations so some of our customers use it in their homes eg. under the washing machine.

METRO rubber linings

METRO rubber linings
mata gumowa Metro - szara

METRO liners have a surface consisting of convex wheels resembling pills, coins or capsules. She found her use as floor coverings in buses, elevators, cars, as rubber mats or trunk protection. It is non-slip, easy to maintain cleanness, it suppresses the vibration well, which is why it is also used as industrial rubber mats.

Industrial floor coverings

Industrial floor coverings are carpets that are used on floors in industrial utility facilities. Industrial coverings designed for use in both industry and facilities, office, commercial or sports. Used as floor coverings, floor protection, table tops and racks. Available in our offer in two options:

  • per current meters
  • as mats in rolls