Sponge rubber

Microrubber - porous rubber

Power Rubber are the leaders in the rubber products market. Professional knowledge flow and high-tech machines allow you to create products that impress with quality and precision. In this category, we present spongy rubber created according to the latest technologies and with all safety requirements.

rubber spongy gums, which we have in our range, are resistant to extreme temperatures and harmful weather conditions. They are widely used in the food and mechanical industries. Their structure allows for smooth and multi-year operation without interference. We present rubber in different profiles and formats. This allows you to take advantage of the most personalized offer.

Spongy rubber – the highest standard
In our offer we have spongy rubber of the highest standard. We achieve such a high level of our products thanks to precise production methods and the robust raw materials from which they are formed. Power Rubber – we meet even the most demanding needs.
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Porous rubber

Sponge Rubber from POWER Rubber

POWER Rubber offers a variety of rubber choices. One of them turns out to be spongy rubber, which provides thermal protection, insulation and shock absorption. We have prepared our products for demanding customers, so we focused on their high functionality, quality of workmanship and durability. Our spongy rubber is suitable for a variety of surfaces: standard, smooth, embossed and more. All our rubber products are also available in many colors and thicknesses.

Microrubber - properties of porous rubber

The properties of spongy gum are:

  • temperature resistance from -60 to +200 and even +300 degrees Celsius
  • resistance to electric punctures
  • oil-resistant
  • resistance to steam and chemical compounds
  • weather resistance
  • protection against aging
  • adequate hardness