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Silicone products are rubber articles made of rubber compounds: VMQ and MVQ .
Dedicated rubber used in contact with foodstuffs is FDA certified . Sanitary silicone Power Rubber allows you to work at high temperatures, because it is made of high quality materials.
High temperature silicone is made under conditions other than food grade silicone . High temperature silicone is made from the chemical blend VMGI (poly (methyl vinyl siloxane)).
From silicone products, we can mention such things as hoses, o-rings, x-rings, solid silicone plates, anti-slip mats, silicone seals , securing the edges of tables or desks, anti-slip pad under the keyboard and mouse .
Silicone plates as well as other silicone products have their own hardness scale, which can reach from 5 to 90 ShA (Shore A).
Silicone also insulates well against vibrations, so it can be used as a case for a phone or tablet. It also absorbs heat well and stores it, which can be useful even when insulating the house or kennel for our pet.

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