Puzzle mats - Assembly - Guide

Puzzle mats – Assembly – Guide

The development of the fitness industry is conducive to the opening of new gyms, fitness clubs and training rooms, especially dedicated to weights, which causes the desire to secure the floor by using apuzzle mat under gym equipmentfor these facilities.

In order to help our clients and the competition, here is a guide about it:

How to properly assemble Gym Mats

in accordance with the recommendations of specialists: POWER Rubber.com Welcome!

  1. Preparation of tools
    To start our work efficiently, we need to equip ourselves with the following elements:

    1. Sheet
    2. Pen or pencil
    3. Puzzle mats for gyms
    4. Brush
    5. Scoop
    6. Vacuum cleaner
    7. Rubber hammer
    8. Upholstery knife
    9. Meter
    10. Double-sided tape
    11. Window cleaner
    12. A soft cloth
  2. Plan of works
    We go to the Action Plan:

    1. Planning the assembly of mats for gyms
      Assembly of the Gym Mat
      should begin with the efficient design of the distribution of rubber mats in order to obtain the largest possible surface without the need to cut the mats for the gym, i.e. so that the maximum amount of mats for the gym in the Puzzles should be distributed without having to cut them. We recommend this method due to the solid performance of our Product, thus the cutting process is time-consuming and difficult.
    2. Contact to POWERRubber.com

After performing the calculations, we have three options:

  1. We send an e-mail with our conclusions or sketches to: power@powerrubber.com
  2. Go to the Contacttab, where we place our query with applications in the contact form, select the number: +48 505 16 03 03,where we consult the obtained results with POWER Rubber Specialists.
  3. We order mats for Puzzle gyms at POWERRubber.com
Mat for the gym GUZIEC 25 Gray
gray gym mat

Gym mats– rubber mats

When we are sure of the right amount of mats for the gym, we place the order.

We can place an order via the online store or by e-mail. We strongly encourage you to contact us to confirm the details.

Then we move on to the preparation of the substrate.

  1. Cleaning the floor for the Gym Mat
    Our preparations for the installation of rubber surfaces in the gym should be continued towards thorough cleaning of the floor.
    For this purpose, we use the simplest available tools mentioned in point 1.4 Brush and 1.5. Scoop.
    It is important to carefully care for the edges and the smallest nooks and crannies. For this we can help ourselves with the tool from point 1.6 Vacuum Cleaner.
  2. Checking the condition of the floor

After cleaning the floor, we can proceed to verify the condition of our floor. The substrate for our gym flooring should be uniform and without damage, access to its lower layers, especially sand or polystyrene. Any type of defects in the upper layer should be repaired.

Any type of defects in the upper layer should be repaired.


why so?


We already explain:

Access to the lower layers of the floor, including sand, may lead to the introduction of moisture into our facility, but the most vulnerable to damage are the elements tangent to this layer, i.e. our mats.

Under the influence of moisture, the service life is shortened, so it is important to check the floor to extend the life of the offered rubber flooring for sports facilities.

Rubber gym mats
Gym mats in the Puzzle system

Puzzle mats for gyms

  1. Mats for Gyms Puzzle-AssemblyOn such a thoroughly cleaned surface, we place rubber mats for gyms in Puzzles.

    Installation of thePuzzle matsshould begin at the end of the room, in accordance with the plan carried out in Section 2.1. Thanks to this, we will save on cleaning work.

    At this stage, we can change the concept of our unfolding, although it translates into the number of mats that we will use. You should decide on the method of arranging mats in the gym: directly next to the walls or cut the ‘cloves’ of the puzzle to keep the surface even.

    A more aesthetic solution is the use of rubber edges. In addition to these advantages, the edges increase safety when entering the exercise zone. They reduce the possibility of stumbling due to the cross-section close to a right triangle.

    A gentle end to a mat on a puzzle gym
    A gentle end to a mat on a puzzle gym

    After choosing the method, we can proceed to assembly.
    As we have already mentioned, we start arranging the Puzzle from the end of our room, according to the consulted plan.

    We start with the unfolding of the entire mat elements without the need for cutting – then, we add them one by one, by fitting the connecting elements – ‘serrations’. This is where the Rubber mallet comes in handy. It allows you to align the surface during assembly.


  2. Mats for Gyms Puzzle-Assembly- Matching to the room

The most difficult task is to adapt the Puzzle Mat to the shape of our room. In order to do this efficiently, use the tool from point 1.8 of the Upholstery knife.

We strongly emphasize that you should be extremely careful due to the higher density of rubber in our Gym Mat. For this reason, you also need to be patient.

How should you cut Mats for Puzzle Gyms?
On this topic, we will definitely write another guide, but for a smooth approach, we recommend: draw the target straight cut line, slightly cut The gym mat along the designated line, and then – which is important – repeatedly, in the same place, cut Gym mats until cut. Definitely at this stage, it is worth using the 1.9 meter. With the correct information about the required lengths, it is necessary to make the adjustments.

How to mount small parts?
At this point, we always usestrong double-sided tape 1.10.

Sticking the surface reduces movement and allows you to increase the aesthetic value in hard-to-reach places.

  1. Assembly- Cleaning works

After unfolding and cutting the rubber surface, clean the surface of the gym mat using the following tools:

1.9 Window cleaner and
1.10. A soft cloth.

The resulting white traces are rubbed with a damp cloth to achieve cleanliness in our gym, training room, and the place where the mat is placed in the gym.

As we already know, POWERRubber.com offers a wide selection of rubber mats for the gym. The available Mats for Puzzle Gyms and Roller Mats are of the highest quality, which is confirmed by the 2-year warranty offered.


gym mat to the floor

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