Rubber mats under the pool

Rubber mats under the pool

The pool mat is a great way to protect the bottom of the pool from abrasion. Insulates the bottom of the pool from sharp and hard stones, which can easily damage the structure. Rubber mat is also useful as a place where we can stand in front of the entrance to the pool. Such a mat under the pool will allow you to leave your flip-flops and safely plunge into the water. The pool mat also slows down the cooling of the water in the tank. The better we take care of our pool, the longer we will be able to enjoy great fun in the garden comfort.

Types of garden pools

  • Frame pool – has walls filled with durable and durable rack, thanks to such a structure will serve us for years. However, it requires an even and hard substrate. The bottom must lie on a stable surface. Their price compared to others is higher, but it also comes with greater durability.
  • Swimming pool – This is one of the most popular models of the pool. Their prices are affordable, tailored to the quality. They have a reinforced bottom and are made of multilayer material. Thanks to such a design, they allow them to be spread over an uneven surface. They are designed to use the natural pressure on the walls of the pool of water. As a result, the structure is rigid and stable. They are produced in many capacitive variants.
  • Inflatable pool – their huge popularity comes from the fact that they are very affordable, but also from the fact that their structures are quite easy to assemble and disassemble. All this makes them seasonal pools for people who do not have too large plots of land or just want to move the pool to another place. They are constructed of a very resistant material, and thanks to the “pump” very easy to install, i take literally a few moments to inflate them. The only downside of such a pool is the capacity, which is why they are usually intended only for children.
  • Permanently built-in pool – as the name suggests, it is a type of pool that is placed permanently in the ground. That’s why we need a lot of space. In addition, it requires a large financial outlay. Its advantages, of course, are aesthetic values and freedom in its size and shapes. Having such a swimming pool also increases the value of the property at which it is located. The cost of such a pool depends on many factors: finishing, how water is filtered, surface, selected materials and labor, which depends largely on the type of soil.

Mat under the pool and its types:

Puzzle mat

Its intense colors make the puzzel mat a very original and interesting addition to the pool. The shape catches everyone’s eye, making no one pass indifferently next to your pool. You can buy puzzle mats in different sizes and configure them in many different ways. From them you can build a path leading to your pool. Thanks to this, you can walk baregrass through the garden without fear of cleaning your pool with fragments of grass or sand. This means more comfort and freedom to use your swimming pool. The puzzle mat as a universal product can also be used to secure your area in the place where your children play. Thanks to this, they will be safe, and you will be able to enjoy the moments spent with your family. This product is also great to secure it don pool. We will secure the pool in virtually any shape. As you can see, the mat will be used in many places. So if you are interested in a universal product that will meet your expectations, these mats are for you. Trusted partners and their offers will allow you to choose wisely. You will surely find something for yourself.

Mat for universal pool

This type of mat fits any type of pool: rack, strum, inflatable. These are very practical mats that will be useful for many occasions. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a family business or a garden party with friends. You will surely find an application for a universal mat. It is great as a mat under the pool. With such a mat, the bottom of the pool will be wonderfully secured.

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Hygienic pool mat

The mat protects against the possibility of slipping on wet surfaces. This type of mat is ideal for securing the swimming pool, sauna, changing room or terrace. It will also be used as a non-slip shower mat in the bathroom or fitness club mat, as well as a solarium mat. It is made of environmentally friendly materials that are resistant to low and high temperatures, so it can also be used as a pool mat. It also secures the bottom of the pool so that you don’t slip while in the water. The mats are resistant to cracks and prolonged contact with water. They are soft and pleasant to the touch. Let us also remember that this type of mat is a product necessary to make employees feel good and safe, Wherever we are exposed to water or moisture, the mat helps to improve work and minimize the risk of injuries to a minimum.

mat under the pool

Garden pools and their advantages

Thanks to climate change in our country, a hot summer happens almost every year. Therefore, the inflatable pool is the perfect solution for hot days. It does not take much time to spread out in the garden, and thanks to it we will be able to cool off on hot days and also relax after a day of hard work. We can also choose an inflatable pool with a slightly larger depth, which in turn will allow us to have a pleasant physical activity which is swimming.

How to take care of the pool in the garden?

There are several basic rules that will allow you to enjoy the garden pool for a long time:

  1. the bottom of the pool should be cleaned regularly, sand particles that can cut the feet are often deposited on it,
  2. it is also very useful to have a protective tarpaulin, which we can cover the pool pane,
  3. it is worth setting the pool on level and clean ground. Rocky and uneven surfaces in an easy way, can damage the structure of the pool. This can be prevented by using suitable mats under the pool. These mats will protect the material from which the pool is made and will also perform a specific insulating function from the ground
  4. read the instructions and follow the instructions carefully,
  5. do not leave water in the pool for the winter period, frozen water has sharp edges that can destroy the pool
  6. do not take sharp tools to the bath, which we can accidentally cut the material,
  7. on winter days, keep the pool in a safe place so as not to expose it to low temperatures.
How to warm the water in the garden pool?
  1. heat exchanger – operate on the principle of heat exchange between two carriers connected to the central heating system. Few people choose this type of solution, because it is quite complicated. Especially when it has a temporary pool.
  2. air heat pump – a cheap to operate, eco-friendly solution, but also developed technology that you can control, e.g. a smartphone. They are also energy efficient, so that even when heating a very large amount of water, we will not be surprised by the high electricity bill. If we additionally opt for photovoltaic panels we can count on a neglity cost for electricity.
  3. solar panels – take water from the pool, heat it and then let it back into the tank. It is an ecological and energy-saving device. It uses renewable energy sources.
  4. Flow-through electric heaters with controller – this is a solution for small pools, safe and certainly very interesting. The amount of water in this system must comply with the maximum capacity of the heaters installed. Due to the high utility costs, and frequent failures are not suitable for heating large pools.
  5. by laying rubber mats under the pool, faster cooling of water can be prevented, the rubber will isolate from cold ground
Let’s take care of the water in the garden pool

We all know that the water in the garden pool gets dirty very quickly. We are not able to get rid of the risk of external contaminants getting into it. Also, water bloom and green sediment, which appears on the walls and bottom of the pool is a problem. Any store that offers such equipment puts in the instructions content that proposes a solution to such problems. Most often, the store advises to clean the pool as often as possible. Use publicly available chemicals. You can also ink the bottom with special equipment. An effective solution is to connect a filter pump to the pool, which cleans the water on an ongoing basis.

Chlorine is the most popular chemical we use to clean water. However, it should be remembered that you need to use only a certain amount of this liquid. This should also be remembered when choosing mats – not all materials are resistant to chlorine and it can lead to the destruction of the mat.

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