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Safe Surfaces for Playgrounds - Green hypertrophic mats

Mats for slides for children

A slide is one of the basic elements of every playground equipment. Rubber mats prevent injuries that may be life or health-threatening, depending on the type of fall. They provide the highest shock absorption among materials such as: sand, lawn, mulch. Rubber mats for slides or a swing are extremely durable and resistant to intensive use. They are perfect as a protective layer for the slide for the youngest. Find out about their advantages:



Non-slip properties

A rubber mat mounted under a slide or a swing provides a very good grip and safety, even when playing in the rain. It minimizes the risk of accidental slipping and related injuries.


The rubber surface is flexible and resilient, thanks to which it absorbs shocks, reducing injuries associated with falls. Additionally, it has anti-fatigue properties.

Bevelled edges

The rubber surface has specially bevelled edges to reduce the risk of tripping.



Safe playground mats have high impact strength and heavy use. Thanks to their resistance to mechanical damage and weather conditions, they are characterized by a long service life. They don’t need to be replaced or repaired frequently.

Ground protection and aesthetic appearance

Safe mats for slides or a swing are available in various colors. They can be adapted to an individual project.

Mats for slides protect the ground, preventing the formation of holes, cavities in the ground and dents. They prevent the formation of mud puddles.


Easy to assemble and keep clean

Rubber mats can be installed directly on the existing ground or floor. They do not slide and do not slide on the surface on which they are placed.

The advantage of rubber mats is water permeability. After rain, water does not collect on them, so they are free from mold. They guarantee low maintenance costs and easy maintenance.

Safe rubber mats for the playground will work under slides, swings, ladders, climbing walls and places where there is a risk of falling from a height.

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