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Mats for sports equipment - Rubber mats in a roll

Mats for sports equipment – Rubber mats in a roll

The floor in sports facilities is an area exposed to intense traffic. Sports equipment mats must be solid, durable, easy to maintain, and provide good shock absorption in the event of a dropped equipment.

A roll of rubber mat is a popular flooring that is perfect for home and commercial gyms, fitness clubs, functional training facilities and CrossFit.

What advantages and features should sports equipment mats have?




The rubber surface is flexible and flexible, thanks to which it absorbs shocks. The cushioned surface protects the osteoarticular system against loads and injuries caused during exercises, such as jumping rope, jumping off the box.

Non-slip surface

The rubber surface provides a very good grip for the feet, which minimizes the risk of slipping and falling. The rubber mat performs its function even when it is wet.

The equipment mat allows you to control the barbell and dumbbells lowered to the floor. It prevents the equipment from rolling over the surface, protecting users from injury and accidental tripping.


Floor and equipment protection

Rubber mats are a protective layer that absorbs shocks generated by gym machines and equipment. They protect the floor from scratches, scratches, cracks and other damage associated with dropping equipment (barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls) during training.

High comfort

Rubber mats are flexible and resilient, thanks to which they absorb shocks and are pleasant to use. They also have an anti-fatigue function.

Thermal isolation

The rubber mat provides thermal insulation between the feet and the cold floor. During training, users do not feel discomfort caused by the cold surface.

Acoustic insulation

Sports equipment mats suppress noise caused by equipment falling to the floor. They ensure absorption of unpleasant noise, which can be a nuisance for those exercising in the room next door or for neighbors (in the case of a home gym).

Protective mat for roller fitness equipment

Aesthetic appearance

Rolled rubber mats come in various thicknesses and colors. When properly installed, roll mats provide an elegant, uniform look for your floor.


Durability and durability

It is a convenient and versatile solution that is perfect as a floor protection in rooms for functional training, CrossFit or group classes. Rubber mats are resistant to intensive use, which is why they work well in high-traffic zones. They guarantee good adhesion, stability, resistance to high loads and strong impacts.

The rubber floor is waterproof, so moisture or spilled drinks will not damage it.

Easy assembly, maintenance and cleaning

They can be adapted to any size of the room. It is enough to unroll the mat and precisely cut it to the appropriate size.

The versatility of rubber mats allows them to be used in various sports facilities and home gyms. They can be mounted on a concrete and wooden base.

Rubber mats are resistant to stains, and thanks to their waterproof properties, mold does not develop on them. Rubber is easy to keep clean.

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