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O-rings for mechanical keyboard

O-rings for a mechanical keyboard are O-shaped rubber rings that are designed to reduce noise and shocks. They are characterized by high strength, flexibility and resistance to cracking.


What are the O-rings for a mechanical keyboard used for?


Mechanical keyboards make a sound each time they are pressed. The rubber rings are designed to cushion the keycaps to reduce impacts and ensure quieter and more comfortable operation.


Discover the benefits of using O-rings for a mechanical keyboard:


  • Pressing a key takes less time – shortening the distance between pressing a key and hitting the bottom of the keyboard improves typing speed and reduces pain in the fingers;
  • Noise and shock reduction –suppresses distracting sound of clicks and eliminates the impact of keys on the base of the keyboard, which significantly improves the comfort of work and use in public places;
  • Extends the life of the keyboard –the shock absorption of the key caps reduces their wear;
  • They have different hardness and thickness – this allows for individual selection of parameters that will improve the impression when writing or playing;
  • Health Benefits –Thanks to shock absorption, they reduce the effects of prolonged hitting the keyboard, relieving finger fatigue during long typing;

How do o-rings for a mechanical keyboard work?


The O-ring for the mechanical keyboard is mounted between the top of the switch housing and its cross-shaped bracket. The sealing ring absorbs the noise and shock caused by pressing a key under pressure. The rings act as shock absorbers to prevent the root of the keys from hitting the underside of the keyboard.


Installation of O-rings for a mechanical keyboard


  1. Take a picture of the keyboard for reference.
  2. Carefully remove the keycap (special keycap can be used).
  3. Remove dirt and debris from under the keys.
  4. Place an O-ring around each key pin and slide it down until it is firmly seated.
  5. Check if you have done the installation of the ring correctly.
  6. Put the key back in place and press gently several times. Repeat for the other keys.
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