Płyta wygłuszająca z normą kolejową PN 45545-2

The soundproofing board complies with the PN 45545-2 railway standard

Technology is developing year by year, and thus rail transport also does not want to be left behind and introduces modern rail vehicles. However, it should be remembered that it is very important to ensure the safety of all passengers who use rail vehicles, as well as their employees.

An important element in the production of rail vehicles is fire protection, which can be provided by specialsoundproofing plates withthe railway standard PN 45545-2. Vehicles fitted with a soundproofing plate complying with the PN 45545-2 railway standard provide the passenger with high driving comfort. As a result, more people decide to travel by train during domestic trips or on a daily basis by public transport.

Temafix SD soundproofing board

Among the soundproofing plates used in rail vehicles, the main one that stands out is temafix sd, which has strong fire protection properties. It should be noted that, thanks to its function, it is conducive to more pleasant travel and suppresses noise related to the movement of rail vehicles. Temafix SD has a certificate of fire protection properties in accordance with the “Railway – Fire Protection in Rail Vehicles” standard – PN 45545-2. Temafix sd is recommended for use in all rail vehicles, both in public transport, i.e. trams and meters, as well as in domestic transport, i.e. on trains. The temafix sd soundproofing boardis recommended for installation on the floor as well as on the walls of rail vehicles. As a result, it provides fire protection in a broader way. The temafix sd soundproofing board is ideal as an insulator in contact with fire, an insulator for A / C boxes, a protective machine underlay, and as a cover for workbenches. This product is applicable in all places where fire protection is needed and noise abatement is needed. The soundproofing board not only has properties such as fire protection, but is also characterized by high density, which makes it: a flammable rubber used in railways.

Where can I buy a temafix sd soundproofing board?

The temafix sd soundproofing board is available from POWER Rubber, where its properties and reliability of quality are confirmed by the PN 45545-2 railway standard. The store ensures that the product is made with due diligence, ensuring the safety of passengers and the entire crew in rail vehicles. POWER Rubber places great emphasis on quality, which is why by choosing their products, you are guaranteed durability and effectiveness for many years. This is confirmed by tenders for the railways, which include the description of the subject of the contract: Soundproofing board with the railway standard PN 45545-2

Rubber linings with the railway standard PN 455452 increase the level of safety

If we ever traveled by train or had the opportunity to accompany our friends to the platform, we must have noticed the interior of the train. The most common flooring is rubber lining, which must meet the PN: 45545-2 standard, i.e. high requirements, mainly aimed at a higher level of safety.

soundproofing board temafix sd

When are rubber products needed in rolling stock repair plants?

As is well known and what can be felt in our country, trains are built for years. And so dedicated products are used during the first assembly. However, there is a second situation where such rubber elements are needed.

The repair period requires the replacement of traction vehicle components

Like any vehicle, rail vehicles also require servicing. And so, the list of the scope of modernization of the passenger car presents a list of necessary elements to be checked and replaced. Most often it is Annex 1. This type of treatment makes it possible to increase the level of safety, which is crucial in rail transport.

The most common models of trains for modernization

Popular changes for the modernization of the type 140A / 112A passenger car in the field of linings:

  • Non-slip lining with R10 anti-slip class
  • Meeting the flammability standard PN-EN 45545-2
  • The surface of the rubber mat should be of a color that makes it difficult to see elements of small dirt.
Źródło: https://www.intercity.pl/

POWER Rubber offers a dedicated production of rubber products for the railway industry

Find ideal products for vehicles that run on rails in our company. We will help you choose the most suitable material and model that will be perfect for rail transport. Thanks to customer orientation, we are able to adjust the order to individual needs and non-standard sizes.

If you have additional questions and to place an order, please contact us by phone or via e-mail.

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