Weather-resistant rubber plates

Weather-resistant rubber plates

What should I do if I need to use weather-resistant material such as moisture, rain, snow, ozone or UV radiation? The best solution will be the highest quality EPDM rubber sheet. They are the one who show resistance to these environmental factors. Sheet made of this rubber as the only one can be used without hindrance outside buildings, in cars and other places where they will be exposed to such conditions.

Why do they owe their resistance to weather-resistant rubber sheet?

EPDM rubber sheet are made of ethylene-propylene-die rubber, which is formed by sulfur or peroxide vulcanization. This gives it resistance to many different characteristics. One of them, which have such rubber sheet, is the unique ability to reverse deformation, occurring under the influence of mechanical forces, however, it should be remembered that the aforementionedability to reversible deformation occurs only if this deformation has been carried out with the continuity of the material.

Advantages of EPDM rubber boards

Epdm rubber sheet in addition to weather resistance, show many other, very important advantages. They are not harmed by hot water and steam and glycol-based brake oils up to +150 degrees Celsius, Rubber sheet are also resistant to organic and inorganic acids and potassium or sodium bases and cleaners based on them, they are resistant to silicone-based oils and lubricants and hydraulic fluids based on phosphate esters, this rubber has low elasticity, but thanks to this it is difficult. In addition, it does not discolor or dye other materials, and also has a high resistance to thermal aging. It is worth mentioning the wide temperature range, in which it can be used without hindrance, and it ranges from even -40 degrees below zero, to about 100 degrees Celsius on the plus side.

Weather-resistant rubber plate – where not to use?

Despite the many positive features of ozone-resistant rubber sheet and weather conditions, there are places where they should not be used. They show a lack of resistance to products made on the basis of mineral oils, such as lubricants, oils and fuels – here the NBR rubber plate will work much better. They should also not be used in places where they could come into contact with aromatic, aliphatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Instead, it is better to apply Viton rubber sheet.

Use of EPDM rubber mat

Weather-resistant rubber mat is successfully used in many industries. This owes its resistance to the previously mentioned features. In the automotive industry it is very often used for the manufacture of seals of car windows and doors, rubber washers for various mechanical components, it is made of many cushioning elements, whether tires, windmeds or fenders. Also, those responsible for the construction of playgrounds are happy to use this kind of rubber, because this one with a thickness of 20 mm to 50 mm (although it can be obtained from as early as 1 mm) is a great, safe surface for children. Also recommended for those who care about waterproofing tightness and the safety of their roofs and terraces.

Weather-resistant rubber sheet – technical specifications

WEATHER-resistant EPDM rubber sheet have a number of other equally useful features, especially considering their outdoor use. The highest quality rubber sheet are also resistant to UV radiation and ozone, which is important because the use of such rubber sheet outdoors is associated with exposure to them. The weather-resistant rubber plate should also have the appropriate shore a hardness. The available hardness of the boards is in the range of 40 Sh to 85 ShA.

EPDM rubber plate

EPDM rubber sheet and other rubber sheet

Not without reason EPDM rubber sheet are called boards for special tasks – compared to them, other rubber sheet fall out quite pale. SBR and NBR rubber sheet are general purpose boards, the latter with increased resistance to oils and lubricants, but none of them have a number of properties that accompany EPDM boards. Only they are resistant to weather conditions, ozone, UV radiation and acids. It must be admitted that this puts them first among those mentioned. EPDM rubber sheet are ideal for conditions where SBR or NBR rubber sheet would degrade.

EPDM rubber mat – dimensions

The standard dimensions of the roll are 1000 mm /1200 mm x 10 000 mm and the thickness is in the range of 1 mm, by 20 mm to 50 mm. Everything is agreed with the customer, on whose request we are able to cut each dimension with modern plotters.

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