Substructure for rubber tiles for a playground

Substructure for rubber tiles for a playground

SBR bases are a key element for playground mats. Why?

The main reason is to increase the level of safety which allows for HIC certification, more on thesafety factor HIC.
In addition, the plates placed on the correct base are more resistant to damage and displacement.

Which playground boards can you find on the market and in the offer of our Power Rubber store?

Our offer includes rubber sheets for playgrounds in two variants: SBR and EDPM.
A full range of mats for SBR and EPDM playgrounds

rubber plate mat for a children's playground

What is the difference between SBR and EPDM panels?

Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z naszym poradnik na temat jaki rodzaj mat gumowych dobrać na place zabaw

How to prepare a substrate for rubber tiles for a playground?

When we have selected the right mats for the playground, their proper installation is of key importance.

The main element that we need to take care of is the base for the plates, according to our recommendations, you can do this (starting from the bottom):

  1. Sand layer detached. Layer thickness of about 5 cm.
  2. Geotextile.
  3. A layer of crushed aggregate of 0-31mm fraction to be compacted. Layer thickness about 20 cm.
  4. Concrete layer with vertical drills allowing water drainage. Layer thickness of about 5 cm.
  5. We can place our playground mats on the prepared surface

A substrate for rubber tiles for playgrounds

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