PA6 polyamide

PA6 polyamide is a polymer with good thermal properties. It shows resistance to aging due to high temperatures.

Polyamides – what are these plastics?

Polyamide is a high-performance plastic that is extremely heat-resistant. The material is electrically insulated and has high chemical resistance. Polyamide (nylon) has high tensile and abrasion strength and has good mechanical properties.

Due to its properties, polyamide is used in the automotive and transport market. It is used in electrical and electronic applications. Nylon is a thermoplastic material that also has the ability to absorb moisture. Water absorption is possible due to amide bonds. It also affects the mechanical resistance and flexibility of the material.

Types of polymers

There are two types of polymers: polyamide 6 (PA 6 – extruded polyamide) and polyamide 6.6 (PA 66). They are the two most used polyamides in the world. The PA6 and 6.6 polyamides differ in their chemical structure. The PA6 polyamideconsists of one monomer having 6 carbon atoms.PA66 is made of two molecules with 6 carbon atoms each. PA6-e extruded polyamide is less crystalline, has a higher tendency to absorb water, and is also better in contact with hydrocarbons than PA 66.

What is polyamide fiber?

Polyamide fibers belong to the group of synthetic fibers. They are made of polyamides, thanks to which they are characterized by high strength and durability. In addition, they tend to absorb water. Polyamide fiber is used in the textile industry (underwear, socks, clothing production), in the automotive industry (tires, body parts), in decorative fabrics for home (curtains, carpets) and technical fabrics.

Polyamide plate

The polyamide plate belongs to the group of engineering plastics with a wide and universal application.

Solid polycarbonate – what is this material?

Solid polycarbonate is a lightweight and durable alternative to glass. The solid polyamide board is used as a roof covering (garages, conservatories, sports facilities, shop windows). The advantage of this material is its high impact resistance. Solid polycarbonate is a flame-retardant material and has high thermal insulation. The board bends easily and can be cut without problems. The properties of the material also block the effects of harmful UV rays. Solid polyamide plate is used in helmets, police shields, as well as in house finishing works (filling the stair railings, eaves lighting). Solid polycarbonate is used in the medical industry (production of glasses), in agriculture (greenhouses), and in protective shields. The polyamide plate is suitable for the production of prison windows, in the electronics and electrical industry (mobile phones, CDs).

The polyamide plateand the solid polycarbonate plate can be cut to any size (so-called polyamide sheets).

PA6 polyamide rod (roller)

The extruded polyamide PA and the rod (shaft) made of it have thermoplastic properties. The rod (roller) is durable, solid and resistant to abrasion. A wide temperature range from -40 to +100 degrees Celsius is another advantage of polyamide rods. The polyamide roller has various diameters and can be cut to size.

Polyamide rod (roller) – examples of applications:

  • Slide blocks
  • Guides
  • Vibration absorbers
  • Sprockets and sprockets
  • Sleeves

PA6 polyamide – properties

Due to its properties, PA6 polyamide (extruded polyamide) has a wide range of applications. The most important properties of this material are:

  • High temperature resistance
  • Abrasion and wear resistance
  • Excellent dielectric properties
  • High water absorption
  • Resistance to gasoline and fats
  • It is resistant to chemicals
  • High resistance to gamma and X-rays

Poliamid PA6-e natur

PA6-enatur polyamideis a semi-crystalline material with a natural color. The extruded polyamide PA6-e natur shows high hygroscopicity, high heat resistance and also good sliding properties. Most often, PA6-e natur polyamide is used in industry.

PA6-g polyamide

The PA6-g polyamideis cast and unmodified. It has high thermal resistance. It is used, among others, in the automotive and transport industry, electrical engineering, in the production of machine parts (bushings, gears, sealing rings).

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