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Pool mats

Certainly, most people who have shower trays or bathtubs in their home have once met in their lives with characteristic rugs, placed in these elements of bathroom equipment. It was thanks to them that it was possible to take a bath safely, without the risk of slipping and possible injury. Swimming pools also use this type of mat to provide comfort, comfort and adequate protection for users.

Pool mats – properties

Any good pool disinfectant mats that are used in the pool must be primarily hygienic, that is, have bactericidal (be antibacterial) and fungicidal properties. You can also meet with modular mats, made of gel foam, oil-resistant and anti-ant. Each mat that the store has has a non-slip effect. The pool mat is also designed to provide insulation from wet and cold floors, which significantly affects the comfort of use when moving from one place to another. The material from which the mats are made is environmentally friendly, and due to its resistance to high and low temperatures, it can be safely used indoors and outdoors. It also has increased resistance to water and moisture, which is why such mats are successfully used in swimming pools and other places exposed to such factors.

non-slip swimming pool walkway

Pool mats – application

Non-slip pool mats are the widest used in areas exposed to moisture and possible slipping. Hence its most common use in pool complexes. However, these are not the only places, because such a mat will also work great in saunas and SPA. They are also often used in the changing rooms of fitness clubs and gyms, in the showers in various swimming pools, and in changing rooms and under showers. They can also be used on yachts, boats or backyard terraces without hindrance. All this to protect users moving on wet surfaces, from the sometimes severe injuries resulting from the fall. Non-slip mats are responsible for instant water drainage, making them non-slip. Every manufacturer makes sure that his mat prevents the multiplication of harmful microbes, which can cause rashes or even fungal infections.

pool mat

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Non-slip mats – technical parameters

Pool mats are available in many colors, so every customer can find something for themselves. Although blue pool mats are the most popular, there is a really wide range of colours to choose from. From shades of white speckled and beige, to more pastel colors, like green, red, and on request you can meet even mats of brown color. Black and grey mats are also available. If the manufacturer has such possibilities, he is able to create mats in shades of lemon or even vanilla.

The price of the mat depends not only on its color, but also on the dimensions that the mat will have. Prices start at around PLN 17 net per pc, and can end up at two thousand per pc. The price offered by the store depends on the thickness and size of the mat in the offer, so that every customer is able to take advantage of the offer corresponding to him. Since the mats are in rolls, we can cut them to the dimension that the customer wishes. Of course, the price per pc. will correspond to the final dimension.

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