Waterjet-Cutting with a water jet

Waterjet-Cutting with a water jet

Waterjet is not only the water cutting technology itself, but also the machines necessary for this process – both cutting and cleaning. It is one of the most innovative methods that enable even and precise cutting of materials with a jet of water. Let’s take a look at what exactly is waterjet cutting?

Waterjet – how does it work?

Waterjetuses the technology of water subjected to extremely high pressure. However, it is not strictly a cutting material, but only a carrier for the abrasive material, which is garnet – garnet sand. The cutting machine consists of two devices – a high-pressure pump and a cutting machine. Cutting with only clean water is usually done when working with delicate materials – such as rubber or food. Water with the addition of abrasive is used for processing hard materials such as metal or granite.

Moreover, the water treatment takes place without disturbing the structure of the material and is therefore a precise and safe treatment option. Due to the lack of heat emission as a result of processing, the Waterjet cutting method does not cause undesirable expansion or contraction of the processed material. Due to the low risk of damage and remarkable precision, water cutting is the preferred form of machining also machine parts. Precision allows you to cut many materials at many angles, thanks to which we can obtain many complex patterns.

Water cutting – Advantages

  • Precise edge cutting; no sharp or jagged edges
  • Possibility of precise machining of both hard and delicate materials without the risk of damaging them
  • The possibility of obtaining any precise shape on any material
  • Water cutting is an ecological method – no harmful substances or waste are released during processing
  • The waterjet does not deform the material
  • Can be used on very hard materials

What can we cut with the Waterjet technique?

  • Aluminum and its alloys
  • Carbon and stainless steel, acid-resistant, heat-resistant
  • Colored metals
  • Glass
  • Ceramics
  • Tile and terracotta
  • Plastics
  • Steel sheets
  • Granite and concrete cubes
  • Rubber and rubber products

Water cutting rubber

Rubber is a delicate material that also requires appropriate treatment. The water cutting method is perfect for this. Thanks to Waterjet, when processing rubber, we obtain a precise cut, without the risk of tearing or tearing the material. Water cutting of the rubber takes place without emitting heat, so the risk of damaging the delicate rubber due to too high temperature is negligible. Waterjet cutting allows stability and control during the processing of rubber and other delicate materials. Ultimately, it brings the desired effect – simply and precisely, without damaging the material.

Types of water-cut rubber

The rubber compounds from which the rubber sheets are cut with a water jet are:

  • NBR rubber
  • SBR rubber with and without spacers
  • FKM FPM Viton® rubber
  • EPDM rubber
  • CR rubber

The accuracy of cutting materials with a water jet

Depending on the device you have, or actually the technology used, the accuracy of cutting cut elements is ± 0.1 mm for higher quality WaterJet machines and ± 0.2 mm for machines from the initial series.

Both results are given for uniform and smooth surfaces.

We invite clients, especially from Masovia, for waterjet cutting services – Warsaw is the closest largest city. Access to our location in Brwinów near Pruszków takes about 15 minutes.

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